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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by pilot, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. pilot

    pilot New Member

    May 24, 2003
    I suggested to Alex to set up a feedback topic, I am sure modesty prevails.

    I think it will be better coming from Amemberpro clients, and Alex will pin this topic.

    My experience with Amemberpro has been delightful. This is my third subscription software that I have purchased, and apart from wasted money it was the lost time that was most damaging. AmemberPro is in a league of its own way above the others.

    AmemberPro is a thouroughly well thought out program, I have'nt come accross one bug or have one feature that did not work. The features in Amemberpro were free that would cost as extras in other programs.

    The phpBB2 plug in I purchased was well designed, and Alex was very helpful with implementation and advice. Works very smoothly indeed.

    The most important facter that this is CLASS software and great programming from a source of thorough understanding of the subject. This has given me great CONFIDENCE that there are not going to be security problems in the future.

    Thanks for the program, and its money very well spent.
  2. abbeyvet

    abbeyvet New Member

    Feb 2, 2003
    I could not agree more with all you have said. Coming to aMember was a breath of fresh air after some of the buggy, poorly supported scripts I used in the past.

    Another comment - the fact that Alex is always willing to customize the script to any particular requirment (within reason) and at a very realistic price is also a great benefit. Very few scripts have that sort of support from the person who wrote them and it is beyond price.
  3. Bob Hancock

    Bob Hancock Guest

    First off I am not a programmer. I only have my own servers because it is the only way to customize websites and have root access. That said, I am therefor very dependant on the good will and help from other people to make happen what I need.

    I have a subscription website and have been using Ibill for the past 3 years. I have been so frustrated but yet have not taken the leap to my own PM program because I have not found anything that really suited my needs.

    In the past few weeks I decided to take the plunge and because of many factors decided to use php.. At this point have gone through 3 different programs and companies and the support and the help is absoutely frightening. I have over 500 members and I need something reliable. The latest company, I even paid for support and installation help and still have not heard from them and of course they don't have any phone number.

    What a joy it was today to get immediate help in getting amanager pro installed. Alex is a real pro and it gives me hope that I might have finally come up with a workable solution. There are lots of nice features. I'm looking forward to using it.

    Thank You
  4. Guest_Syan

    Guest_Syan Guest

    Great Job Alex! Your script is what keeps our online business alive!
  5. XtremeDSS

    XtremeDSS Guest

    I have to say.. if it was not for a-memberpro I would not have such success with my company

    This script TOTALLY gives me more time to concentrate on the product and customer service rather than setting up memberships , renewals and so on.

    Thankyou Alex as you have created one exceptional product


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