Custom popup if entering protected directory directly?

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by nocturnal, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. nocturnal

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    First off I just want to say this script is awesome: clean and lean, like Apache and not bloated like Mafiasoft IIS. I've been trying it for a few days now and just love it, but had some last, last minute questions before upgrading to pro version. Kudos to Alex and everyone helping to support this product.

    Question 1A:
    If a client entered a URL directly, could they get a custom popup that reads "You need to Login to continue. Please press OK to Login now." 2 buttons will be on the popup, OK and Cancel. Click OK, redirects them to Login page. Click Cancel, returns them to their original place.

    Question 1B:
    If the above is possible. Will it be file specific?

    Question 2:
    I want to have a "Welcome, Visitor" at the top of the page, then have it change to "Welcome, Username" when a client logs in so they know they are logged in. Is this easily integrated into Amember?

  2. abbeyvet

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    Feb 2, 2003
    Question 1A:
    Would it not just be easier to direct them straight to the login page, with an explanation there and a 'Go Back' link too if required?
    One of the reasons I say that is because the use of pop-up blockers is so prevalent now - if it was me with that system I would never get to log-in and would think twice before disabling my pop-up blocker - something I do very seldom.

    Question 1B:
    I think you will need to put each into a different directory, if, that is, you want each to be a separate product.

    Question 2

    Add something like this to your member template:
    Hello {$smarty.session._amember_user.login}!

    I actually use this which prints a different greeting according to the time of day, in case you are interested in it:

    <SCRIPT language="javascript">
    <!-- hide javascript
    day = new Date();
    hr = day.getHours();
    if ((hr >= 1) && (hr <=11)) {
    t = "Good morning";}
    if ((hr >= 12) && (hr <=16)) {
    t = "Good afternoon";}
    if ((hr >= 17) && (hr <=21)) {
    t = "Good evening";}
    if ((hr >= 22) && (hr <=23)) {
    t = "Good night";}
    if (hr==0) {
    t = "Good night";}
    // done hiding -->
    </SCRIPT> {$smarty.session._amember_user.login}!
  3. alex

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    Jan 24, 2004
    1. It is possible to protect any type of files.
    There won't be popups, but HTML login form will be displayed if user is not logged-in and trying to access protected file (no matter if it is image or downloadable file, anyway - aMember will display HTML login form).

    2. Yes, it is possible and described in the Pro manual (customization Chapter).

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