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Discussion in 'Payments processing' started by interpro, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. interpro

    interpro New Member

    Jan 2, 2013
    I was told that I cannot create a template that let's a member see and pay their invoice.
    This seems strange for a member site, but I guess it's in a future version.

    Has anybody create a simple page using Bricks or Signup.phtml templates to do this?

    1. Member has already paid once and sees their paid invoice on their page
    2. Member clicks payments tab and it shows a page with their outstanding invoice data
    3. Member uses the existing methods to pay (

    Right now they can order a new product, but can't renew their membership. Weird.
  2. davidm1

    davidm1 aMember User & Partner

    May 16, 2006
    Do you have an example images of what you'd like to display?

    Sounds like you either the members renew page isnt set to display the existing renewal product, or you have set the disallow in the product so that they cant renew existing active memberships.


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