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    Feb 1, 2009
    Looking to purchase aMember to work with Joomla in a membership site.
    It will have 3 membership levels. One for member Listings and one for regular members. Both are paid memberships. Pricing and discounts will be different, and access to certain input pages will be restricted to each category. Will be using SOBI2 and AdsManager. (Add & edit listings for each would be available only to listing members, however rating and review in SOBI2 would be available only to regular members) The third will be free for nonprofit groups that will have access to event listings. I think these can be controlled by JUGA.

    Hoping to be able to use the membership number for the coupon code. This would do a lookup to confirm the discount and pay affiliate commission.

    Perhaps it could add a field that puts affiliate number in the member record.
    I need all members to offer a discount to a new member and also receive an affiliate commission. It should be their member number if possible. They can e-mail this number or write it on a brochure they hand out.

    On renewals, the discount will continue as well as the affiliate commission.
    Should the affiliate membership lapse, commissions will not be paid, even if the affiliate should re-join again, however the discount will remain for the new member on renewals.
    Should the new member’s membership lapse, the affiliate commission and the discount ends, even if the person re-joins.
    The new member cannot change the coupon code or enter his own membership number. (Perhaps renewals are to be handled on a different page)

    Is this possible? Does aMember do custom installations or would I have to find a programmer?
    Can a charitable donation of $1.00 per regular member and $more per business be tracked?

    :confused:I sent in a ticket, however this was all I received:

    Please have a look
    This is how affiliate program works .
    You also can configure commission for first and next payments.
    If you need something else it requires some customization.

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