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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Guest_mike, May 22, 2003.

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    Just a few questions about your membership script, specifically regarding recurring payments using Clickbank.

    - How will this work when clickbank themselves do NOT have the recurring billing feature?

    - Does this mean that each member will have to pay for the product/membership every month or whichever is the chosen time period for the recurring payment?

    - How would it work if I had affiliates that were promoting my products - Would they still be able to earn residual and continuing affiliate credit for members that they've referred?

    - I looked at the DEMO and from what I understand is that if they do have to process the payments each time, lets say every month, could it be possible for the script to automatically include the clickbank affiliate nickname of the person that referred them to the site - that way affiliate will continue to get credited?

    - Currently I am using the membership script from and also their affiliate script..however, I want to use your script because of the clickbank feature - Do you know if your script would be compatible and/or easily workable w/ the groundbreak affiliate script?

    I will most likely purchase your script, however, just need to hear those answers first. Thanks.

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    1. Clickbank doesn't have recurring billing, so your members have to renew their subscriptions manually.
    2. yes,
    3,4: aMember have no chance to know affiliate name, so it is impossible.
    5. Yes, amember can be easily integrated with almost any third-party affiliate script.

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