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  1. Clifford

    Clifford Guest

    With Amember, when a user pays by check and the subscription runs out, the user wants to renew his subscription by check, how is this handled?

    I would imagine it goes like this - is this correct?

    The user gets an email generated by a crontab, containing a link that transfers the user to his account.
    The user sees that his subrciption is due, and renews by clicking pay by check.

    The important bit is .....

    Admin will get notified that there has been a payment , and sees the members payment in pending waiting for the arrival of the check, when it arrives the admin moves the pending status to paid and the user then can resume his renewed subscription.

    Thanx Cliff
  2. alex-adm

    alex-adm Guest

    yes, it is 100% correct

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