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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by fjames, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. fjames

    fjames New Member

    Aug 14, 2007
    I'm using amember trial on localhost. For free signups I would like to bypass the members.php page and redirect to the free protected area. When I say bypass what I mean is do not display the Your Information Page to free signups.

    I would want the same or similar action to the login process, where a person logs in and is directly redirected to the protected area.

    Can this be done? If so, what template modifications need to be used and which templates.

    Next I need to pass my own session vars to the protected area. Can I do this by putting session_start(), in one of the php files? Could you please tell me which one(s). I need to carry forward my own session vars until the free member is in the protected area.

    Hope that makes sense :)

    I would prefer to use amember because of the plugins and really don't want to code my own solution when it's already done.



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