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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by theCTA, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. theCTA

    theCTA New Member

    Mar 22, 2006
    I purchased aMebr and had it up and running in 4 hours!

    Then I purchased it for a friends site and I had his running in 15 min!

    aMember is so easy!

    I know nothing about PHP or MySQL and I was able to get both up and running.

    aMember allows you to cusomize just about everything.

    After about 2 weeks I it looking and running the way I want.

    aMember customer support is superb! They are simply awesome, they are very helpful and they answered every question within 24hours.

    aMember rocks! Customer support rocks!

    Amember is worth 10x what they are asking.

    Thanks aMember!

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