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    Jul 23, 2007
    aMember has definitely come a long way. Started out as a great membership software script though not perfect. Since then, the staff has been consistent in listening to the community's needs and tweaking the script over the years of upgrades.

    The current version of aMember performs really well and the new version(s) being released look even more promising.

    Types of Businesses that should consider using aMember:
    - Uses multiple signup methods / multiple billing companies
    - Uses their own merchant account
    - Needs to integrate with a wide variety of third party CMS scripts
    - Needs the overall versatility that aMember offers with both billing and member management

    Types of Businesses that may find other options:
    - Only using Paypal one biller and one CMS and will never change their business model (Can be slightly more simplistic for the business owner and customer to just use Paypal generated buttons)
    - Most CMS's come with Paypal integration or a Paypal plugin. Some CMS scripts handle paypal integration well, others would be better off using aMember's integration.
    - Needs a robust affiliate program. If you need a very robust affiliate program be prepared to integrate (extra $) affiliate software with aMember vs. their built-in affiliate software.

    When it comes to payment integration and CMS integration aMember is superb. Where it's lacking most, though not unuseable, is the built-in affiliate software. Hopefully in the new version 4 we'll see some improvements in that side of the script as well.

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