<b>You HAVE to use this product!!!</b>

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    You HAVE to use this product!!!

    Matt Stevens here from Internet Marketing Systems.

    We purchased aMember Pro for one of our membership sites (http://www.Sydney-Swingers.com.au) after almost 6 months of searching, researching and investigating almost every single membership script, portal software, member management script etc. available on the market. The reason I ended up choosing aMember? It is far and away, the VERY best script there is!!

    I am an IT technician, so I have an advantage over most people when it comes to understanding the technologies behind aMember - and I can only say that aMember is so far superior to ANYTHING out there, that it is not even a race. I know I am throwing a lot of superlatives aMember's way - but they are accurate and it is worth every one!
    Further..... and this is the big one.... you will read over and over again about the (almost legendary) customer service Alex (creator of aMember) offers EVERYONE! This service is unbelievable! I emailed Alex approximately thirty or so questions leading up to my purchase - EVERY SINGLE question was answered politely, efficiently AND WITHIN 12 HOURS MAXIMUM!!!! Alex claims a 24 hour response time but not once in all my questions did he even need close to that! I really cannot compliment Alex enough for this level of service - it is above ANYTHING I have ever experienced and it dramatically increases your confidence in purchasing aMember as you know 100% that ANY questions or issues you have, will be answered quickly and very politely. Since purchasing, I have contacted Alex on quite a few occasions re. customisation type questions and again, every single question has been answered as quickly and as politely as they were prior to my purchase!

    Seriously, if you have a membership base that you need to offer protected areas of your web site to - there is NOTHING out there that will give you what aMember gives you - I know from experience.

    If anyone wants to ask me any questions about my aMember experience, or you want to have a look at the script in action, send me an email at: webmaster@sydney-swingers.com.au

    Matt Stevens,
    Internet Marketing Systems (Syd.).

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