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    Aug 25, 2005
    I'm very pleased you have added the Accept JS feature to aMember. This should make our lives much easier... (PCI DSS) but it has serious problems which prevents us from using it in production.

    The accept.js feature has problems which cause payment failures for customers with latin names (accent marks). The accept.js payment form has a jquery.validate bug which leads to payment failures.

    Here is a quick demo of the issue:

    The are four main problems with aMember accept.js payment form:

    1) The cc_name_f & cc_name_l validation does NOT happen before Submit.
    This is because name fields are populated from prior aMember signup form. Focus/ cursor is never on name fields This causes submit failure if validation fails. (after submit)

    2) Validation appears too strict.
    Characters like accent marks are allowed by signup.php & authorize_cim but fail on accept.js. CIM plugin DOES allow characters like accent marks and numericals

    3) Corrections to name input cannot be re-submitted.
    The #cc-authorize-acceptjs input submit is NOT re-enabled after name fields are validated. Even if customer removes accent marks from name fields they CANNOT submit payment form

    4) The Error message is incorrect.
    A name has been entered. A more specific error should be used for validation errors (different from empty/missing input field error)

    Thanks in advance for your attention to this issue. It is very important.

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