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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by ozesailor, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. ozesailor

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    Jul 6, 2003
    I am very interested in using this software for a subscription trade referral site I am setting up in Sydney.

    We are using php and Mysql for the database which includes tables of trades and paid memberships. There will be a facility for members to fill out a trade referral form on the site which will write to this database.

    Do you see ant problems incorporating this into aMember?

    Also, the payment gateway we wish to use is SecurePay here in Australia. Their home page is, and the various interfaces available can be found in the dropdown menu "Developer Support" on the right hand side.

    Could you confirm that aMember will operate with SecurePay?

    Thank you for your help

    Peter Reuter
  2. alex-adm

    alex-adm Guest

    aMember is flexible application and it can be easily modified to solve many tasks.
    But, sorry, I'm not sure what "subscription trade referral " does mean? Could you please describe?

    I hope you have got my answer about secpay.
  3. Alex,

    A subscription trade referral service is a subscription site where members can find a tradesman, contractor or business that has been referred to the site by another member, by searching the database by zip code and/or business type.

    When a member of the site uses a tradesman, contractor or business that is listed on the site, they can provide feedback to the site about the quality of the service they received. This feedback is via a form on the site. The feedback is stored in a database and can be accessed by all other members.

    If a member uses a tradesman, contractor or business that is not listed on the site they can recommend the business to the site and provide the first feedback on the quality of the service.

    We hope to be able to use aMember and place our business database within the structure. This database will have 4 tables: businessDetails, businessType, zipCodes and feedbackTable.

    Do you see any problems with this arrangement?

    A good example is, a very successful subscription site based in Columbus Ohio, with about 15 franchises throughout the US.
  4. alex-adm

    alex-adm Guest

    Yes, it will be possible to make this customization.
    Prices/delivery time/other details could be discussed by email. If you are going to make this customization without assistance - no problems, we will be happy to give you any suggestion regarding this.

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