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    Nov 13, 2008
    Recently I decided to change the name of my amMemberSignup plugin to amSalesPages.

    This half-plugin-half-pre-packaged-customization for aMember re-arranges and updates your signup and member pages to solve several common problems that I've found while doing membership site customizations for my clients at Kencinnus.

    Now I've added the capability for you to easily pop-in additional sales copy and even testimonials directly on the signup form, login page and member page without having to edit the templates.

    You can have different sales copy for each product or price group you set up and it will automatically display the appropriate sales copy to your customers based on how you send them to the sign up page from your landing pages.

    In fact, the signup page could BE your landing page now if you want it to!

    That's why I've renamed it to amSalesPages.

    I've also finally gotten around to making a video that demonstrates everything this plugin does.

    If this is something that sounds interesting to you then please watch the video here:

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