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Discussion in 'Integration' started by benbarnard, May 13, 2014.

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    May 4, 2014
    I'm at a bit of a dead-end here, so I am hoping one of you experts can share some experience.

    My aMember use case is my members can sign up, and go into an approval queue before becoming members. However, the unique thing is that any given member signing up could be paying for 1-1000 memberships. Each of these memberships would not have to have an aMember login (I don't even know how that could be done, if it could, I'd consider it), rather we would give a master list of certification numbers (which I'll explain in a second) to the one person applying for the group.

    So, another part of my use case is that each of these certification numbers will need to be checked periodically for validity by different groups. So I need a separate database that I'll need to enter data into manually from the documents I'm being sent by the applicants, that will generate a new certification number each time a new record is created.

    I'm not a developer. So I've been looking for database frontends that make development a little easier, which is how I found (which integrates with Wordpress as well as my aMember install). I assume I could make this simple database with it, create a special membership level for the people I want to allow to query for membership, and only have this lookup available if they are on that membership level.

    I feel like I might be overcomplicating things, but I honestly can't work out a better alternative.

    I would love any input any of you guys have.


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