Amember vs. DreamAccount

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by gennaro, Feb 28, 2004.

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    Dec 4, 2003
    Amember vs. D********nt

    I have baught both D********nt (DA) and Amember (AM) plus the phpBB include. I have gotten both companies to do custom instals. It is too soon to tell how Amember works over time since I got it a week ago. Here is how they match up so far:

    Presales answer time:
    both within hours

    After sale answer time:
    DA - 2 weeks to never
    AM - 1hr to 24hr

    Number of unanswered emails:
    DA - 30
    AM - 0

    Free instal:
    DA - No
    AM - Yes

    Custum Instal price:
    DA - $200
    AM - Free

    Time to instal:
    DA - 2 weeks
    AM - 48 hrs.

    Did the instal work?:
    DA - No way
    AM - So far yes

    Hours needed to pay outside programmer to get the program to work:
    DA - 10
    AM - 0

    DA has the poorest customer support I have ever dealt with in my life. They hide behind the anonymity of the web and promise all sorts of things that don't pan out. The program is full of bugs. All my requests for a refund go unanswered. All tech questions go unanswered. Postings that are not positive are deleted from the forum. The forum is not visible to people who have not baught the program so they can't see all the people who have problems and aren't getting help. It is really a sham.

    AM seems like a breath of fresh air so far. They actually respnd to my emails!!!! Such a simple thing seems so luxurious after to my dealings with DA.

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