AMEMBER THE BEST AND LIFE SAVER, could not ask for better

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    Sep 2, 2006
    Just a quick story, Alex worked a while on configuring everything within my website at and a couple days later during grand opening and heavy advertising, my partner accidently deltes the mysql database. We did not even have a chance to back it up! I called my service provider and they wanted a ridiculous amount of money to restore the deletion. I did not have this money as i have put thousands into the site and servers.
    Well, i contacted amember, alex was not available, but another person was, and they emailed me..and said go look at your site it's FIXED!.. i was so stressed after weeks of work, and what do you know....They did it, AMEMBER went up and beyond, and fixed Our mistakes. I OFFERED TO PAY THEM whatever i could and to send me a bill.....but they would not accept payment.
    Now the thing with my site is it is a very complex site running about 10 databases currently, and in linux. and of course there is scripting involved to make amamber run effeciently on that site.

    I THANK YOU AMEMBER!! I AM FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT. you guys are very knowledgable, professional, curteous, AND I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH.

    So Thank YOU.

    Sincerely Spirit_WolF from

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