aMember Pro version 4.1.8 released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    aMember Pro 4.1.8 released
    Release target: bugfixes, improvements, new plugins

    This version will be available via auto-updater at Wednesday, Dec 14.

    Changes since 4.1.6
    • Added invoices list to "aMember CP -> Payments" page'
    • Implemented ability to add readme for admin setup Forms. Added readme for reCaptcha.
    • Refs #560 - added * mark to "Name" field in signup form
    • ClickBank: IPN timezone fixed (resulted to incorrect date for ClickBank transactions)
    • Fixed bug: Disable autolock setting didn't work.
    • Closes #335 - allow to choose language+locale instead of just language. Choice also affects date and numbers format
    • Joomla plugin: Joomla 1.5 support
    • Display plugin status warning in setup forms
    • Added aff_id to export fields list
    • Integration plugins: created separate fields for Primary and additional groups in Integration setup screen.
    • Epoch payment plugin (aplpha)
    • Fixed bug: Use of wordpress theme in aMember and whole blog protection at the same time leads to redirect loop.
    • Implemented #519 - l18n for payment terms
    • Implemented #549 - highlight Add/Renew button in case of it is active
    • Implemented #540 - preselect first product&paysys in signup form
    • Added new reports: payments from New vs Existing members, and count of user signups during period
    • Reports UI improved. Added new reports: payment breakdown by payment system and by product
    • Update incorrectly imported invoice_item.**_total fields
    • Affiliate reports moved into [aff] module
    • Problem with wrong xml from efront api partially fixed
    • Cashu plugin (alpha)
    • Better invoice log display
    • Closes #544 - paypal pro double charge (dosale + createsubscription)
    • Fixed php error in Lite.php
    • Added Portuguese and Croatian languages
    • Fixed bug: Redirect loop when user doesn't have access to folder.
    • Added report by paysystems
    • Ability to link affiliate to user manually
    • Closes #537 - Limit affiliate commissions lifetime
    • Closes #524 - ability to reupload removed file
    • Do not display cron warnings in maintenance mode
    • Closes #531 - replace products in invoice
    • Refs #524 - show error in grid with file in case of actual file was removed from disk
    • Closes #515 - assign %site_title%, %root_url%, and %root_surl% to any e-mail
    • Closes #511 - Protected "Page" must redirect to login if not logged-in
    • Closes #520 - specify mysql port on setup, and gracefully handle connection errors
    • Closes #527 - Some "provincia" items are missing for italian costumers
    • Closes #528 - Admin username with spaces is allowed, but login does not work
    • Closes #528 - allow user login with space in username
    • api: (User) $user->getExpire($productIds) function added
    • Parse dates without named regex segments (was causing problems on some hostings)
    • Add autocomplete to new ticket form in admin area
    • Bug fixed: there was not ability to uncheck all checkboxes, checkbox get value from request but it is null in case of all checkboxes is unchecked
    • Closes #529 - Check Box Field not displaying checkmark on Profile Form
    • Fixed bug: Problem with products import from v3 if product info contains UTF-8 chars
    • Authorize.NET CIM beta implementation
    • Closes #532 - english typo
    • Payanyway plugin
    • Fixed bug: user was not redirected to target URL when click on affiliate link.
    • Newsletter module: eliminate MySQL error in error log while subscribe/unsubscribe action
    • Use own flag for each language instead of use US for all
    • Implements #516 Export of custom fields
    • Eliminated warning in _lang-choice.phtml
    • Closes #513 - remove button from "awaiting email confirmation page"
    • Closes #513 - warning when new-rewrite delete files
    • Ability to add/edit description of uploaded files in popup 'Uploaded Files' dialog
    • Closes #507 - uploaded file was not populated
    • SWREG: correct response for refund notification
    • xenforo integration: Increase session expire time
    • Setting up correct multi-domain cookies for new-rewrite
    4.1.7 2011-12-01 13:24:50 +0400
    • Added displaying of changelog content in admin dashboard
    • Fixed problem in new-rewrite folders protection
    • Fixed bug in PayPal plugin added by 4.1.6 update
    • Upgrade - disable notice after upgrade is done, and update database version
    • Fixed bug: tax was applied twice for paypal not recurring payments.
    • Removed duplicate jquery.js load from member/layout (it will be loaded in header script)
    • Fixed bug: Problem importing UTF-* files on some servers.
    • Closes #494 - Change Error displayed when there is no products in signup page to something more user friendly.
    • Changed shopping cart index page default behavior. By default all products from not hidden groups will be displayed.
    • Bug fixed: Export action incorrectly deal with variableList if there is array in this list
    • User Filter by Newsletter : exclude users with "unsubscribed" flag

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