aMember Pro version 4.1.6 released

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Do you plan to switch to version 4?

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  1. Yes, will purchase new license

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  1. alex

    alex Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 24, 2004
    aMember Pro 4.1.6 released
    We are happy to finally report version 4.x.x as ready for production usage! Look at the features list

    Release target: bugfixes, improvements, new plugins
    Changes since 4.1.5

    • Implements #486 - hide products in signup/renewal forms that don't match "Require product/Dissallow"
    • Fixed bug: Cart signup form generated an error when user was logged in.
    • Fixed bug: Am_Paysystem_Action_Form didn't work correctly in cart.
    • Closes #487 - xenForo 1.1 Integration Problem
    • Closes #466 - new-rewrite does not work on windows under apache
    • Mass Subscribe (simple) implemented as "Browse Users" action
    • Closes #456 - remove <li> bullets on members page
    • Closes #484 - removed code input from signup e-mail verification step
    • Disable facebook widget if signup form is posted or is awaiting for e-mail confirmation
    • Returned phone# to user fields, and added a brick for it
    • UTF-8 import fixed
    • Fuxed bug: Paypal plugin generate error when business email came with different characters case
    • New modifier for variables in template: intval
    • Closes #479 - Requiring Address on Address Brick Does Not Work
    • Fixed bug: Even when the super-admin flag is turned off the admins all show up as super-admins in the list of admins.
    • Implements #476 - display readable state and country name instead of ISO codes
    • Closes #474 - PDF Invoice - Image reversed
    • Italian translation added
    • Closes #477 - added contribution links
    • Closes #467 - errors in german translation
    • Fixed bug: redirect back to /member after login and also checked other locations
    • Closes #464 - autoresponders : saving "send immediately", goes back to 1 day
    • Closes #475 - default sorting for products in the signup form
    • Closes #454 - facebook : do not display on signup page if logged-in
    • Closes #452 - display facebook graphical button
    • Closes #448 - and do not save md5 passwords at all
    • Do not require user first/last name in admin area
    • Fixed bug: Unable to delete generated Demo users.
    • Bug fixed: user_status was not updated if difference between status only in expired subscription
    • Fixed bug: Emails were set in english even if default language was not english.
    • Refs #465 - better error handling during file upload
    • jquery.noConflict() support on user side for better compatibilty with WP themes
    • Commercial FlowPlayer added to distribution
    • Bug fixed: wordpress - post protection wasn't working in some themes.
    • Closes #453 - disable flowplayer autoplay
    • Closes #458 User Profile address: display always expanded, admin profile address: remember status in cookie
    • Ability to import custom fields and address fields
    • eFront plugin fixes
    • SafeCart plugin
    • Removed aMember version from public pages
    • Ability to configure admin records-on-page in Setup/Configuration
    • Am_Lite, Wordpress: Fixed bug: Session data was not unserialized properly if it contains UTF symbols.
    • Fixed warnings in admincontent, adminupload controller, video files prefix changed to "video"
    • More icons for help menu item
    • Fix for error in helpdesk block

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