aMember Pro version 4.1.14 released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Member Pro 4.1.14 released
    Release target: bugfix release

    Changes since 4.1.13
    • Fixed handling of "free access" records
    • Fixed several bugs in autoresponders for free signups
    • Fixed problem with rebuilding .htpasswd and e-mail sending
    • Fixed order of paysystems on signup page
    • Added product's category description to cart index.
    • Fixed serious problem in htpasswd protection module
    • Bug fixed: "prevent if other" options was populated incorrectly in case of there is not any product category
    • Bug fixed: Autoresponder templates were sent incorrectly, if there were free resources defined.
    • Language files updated
    • Sticky groups option added to Vanilla plugin. aMember will not remove these groups from user's account.
    • Allow user upload attachmets in case of he has permission to send emails
    • Drupal plugin: added support for Drupal v6 and also enabled auto_create for Drupal plugin.
    • Fixed bug: auto_create didn't work in integration plugins.
    • Implemented new setting: Send Registration E-Mail when user is created from aMember CP
    • Fixed bug: Wordpress logout links didn't logout user from aMember.
    • API: fixed Am_Blocks->remove($id) method
    • Rebuild Db optimized
    • Fixed bug: Notices were generated by cron process.
    • Fixed bug: Plimus plugin: Incorrect url was used to redirect user to Plimus
    • Wordpress plugin: Added ability to disable protection for users of specified roles.(like it worked for admin users already)

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