aMember Pro version 4.1.13 released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Member Pro 4.1.13 released
    Release target: bugfixes

    Changes since 4.1.12
    • Presets implemented for flowplayer configuration
    • Added "Paypal MassPay/Export CSV" functionality for affilaite payouts
    • Removed iKobo and SafePay affiliate payout methods
    • Respect site domain for relative urls on page in case of load amember pages via proxy (e.g. WorldPay)
    • Fixed bug: CURL was used as HTTP_Request2 adapter even if it was disabled for security reasons
    • Fixed several bugs in fastspring plugin.
    • Added ability to require coupon on signup form (in brick configuration)
    • Greek language loading fixed
    • Kayako plugin -> BETA
    • SMF plugin beta added - tested with SMF 2.0.2
    • Implements #676 - show username on delete user confirm screen
    • Fixed bug: "Argument 3 passed to Am_Paysystem_CreditCard::doBill() must be an instance of CcRecord, null given" errors generated by cron when paypal-pro plugin enabled.
    • Implemented import script to import users from DAP (paypal payments only)
    • Fixed bug: get_current_screen() errors fixed for older wordpress versions
    • New way to handle Dokeos single login.
    • Fixed bug: problems with pagelines framework styles on WP dashboard
    • Fixed bug: Exception on Clickbank Payment refund from aMember CP.
    • Fixed bug: Fatal error in vanilla plugin: Call to a member function isLoaded() on a non-object
    • Increase memory_limit (sometimes a problem with aMember + wordpress + many plugins + pdf invoice)
    • Closes #722 - javascript code which hide paysestems for free products works incorrectly
    • in case of two bricks with products
    • Closes #685 - If you apply filters after creating email to users, all email content is deleted
    • Closes #679 - product setup - second payment lifetime duration
    • Implements #724 - translations for additional fields (title/description)
    • Implements #667 - remember used hidden category codes and allow to operate on products from these categories without passing category code to url again
    • Closes #716 - Translation of Custom Fields does not work
    • Bug fixed - didn't save category description
    • Display "Lifetime" instead of "expires 12/31/37" in member area
    • Access records without invoice were not deleted when customer was deleted
    • Bug fixed - unable to add previously deleted default commissions.
    • PremiumWebCart plugin development version
    • Added manual_approve_admin email template
    • Import ZIP Code field from v3
    • New setting aMember CP -> Setup -> Login Page -> Skip Index Page. When logged-in user try to access /amember/index, he will be redirected to member's area.
    • "Delete Invoice" action implemented. Invoice can be deleted from aMember CP -> Payments -> Invoices or from Edit User -> Payments
    • Fixed bug: aMember CP -> Protect Content -> New -> Hide setting was ignored on redirect after login.
    • Removed notice about recurring payments from ClickBank plugin
    • Fixes #714 - respect billing plan during invoice auto-creation
    • Bug fixed: hidden categories were shown on product page
    • Bug fixed: url to detailed product page for product from hidden category generate error
    • Fixes #667 - delete item from cart in case of qty = 0
    • Improved error handling in Am_lite (add useExceptions) mode
    • Closes #713 - Magicselect - special handling for empty values in admin-setup
    • Implements #308 - adding product conditional if a user has active subscription to a category
    • Closes #655 - invoice filter fixed to handle correctly invoice_id started with number
    • Closes #699 - coupon recurring or not display improved
    • Fixed bug: Sometimes user was not redirected to payment page after signup form submit in IE9
    • Closes #694 - renewal group was corrupted on product update
    • Closes #672 - Preselect paysystem in 'Add Payment' form in aMember Cp -> Browse Users -> Payments
    • Fixed bug: errors when suhosin is enabled
    • Dokeos plugin beta.
    • Closes #692 - paypal plugin does not validate payment amounts
    • Implements #429 - Coupon Count Visual Notification
    • Fixed bug: Paypal Express plugin didn't handle SuccessWithWarning response correctly.
    • Fixed bug: Paypal PRO plugin didn't handle SuccessWithWarning response correctly.
    • Closes #291 - Order error: confusing message
    • Fixed bug: Several Recoverable errors fixed.
    • bug fixed - unable to edit email templates with attachments
    • Fixed bug: Commission detains popup wasn't working .
    • Improvement: New setting in 2Checkout plugin: "Use Multi Page Checkout"
    • single login for subdomain fixed
    • Fixed bug: Unable to edit product in invoice if Admin user doesn't have superuser permissions.
    • Fixed spelling error: adddress -> address
    • flowplayer configuration
    • bug fixed with validation of new login when edit profile by user
    • Fixed bug: Third-party script's cookies were not checked on Signup page.
    • Invoice(After|Before)Insert and Invoice(After|Before)Delete hooks
    • PAP plugin -> beta
    • Added links to invoice and user from Invoice log grid.
    • WP plugin: redirect all login links to aMember's login page.
    • added invision 3 plugin BETA
    • fixed link to aMember CP -> Protect Content -> Integrations
    • Invision plugin development
    • Added ability to send refund requests for clickbank recurring subscriptions from admin area
    • Closes #678 Added new custom field type: date.
    • PAP plugin dev.
    • Fixed bug: javascript issues in integration with karma wordpress theme.
    • Fixed bug: Paypal PRO rebilling issues mentioned in this thread:
    • Removed user.pass variable from email templates. Plain text password in not available anymore.
    • Fixed bug: Unable to uncheck "Affiliate can view Sales Details" checkbox in Affiliate setup tab.
    • Highcharts updated to 2.1.9
    • Added ability to cancel recurring clickbank subscriptions for user and admin from amember
    • Bug fixed with cancellation, invoice could be marked as canceled even if cancellation process thrown an exception
    • Closes #585 - UTF8 chars from aMember to third-party script
    • Fixed bug: Upgrade script was unable to find aMember's installation path on some servers.
    • Paypal pro fix: do not setup TRIAL* vars, it is already handled by STARTDATE
    • Added supported currencies
    • iDevAffiliate plugin
    • added handler for cancel and refund IPN's fixed findtime(), now it is using difference with Clickbank server
    • Revert "better compatability of css rules"
    • Add space between rows of tabs in user menu in case of there is two or more rows
    • Fire NeedSessionRefresh even when user change password.
    • Fixed bug: Payment notifications (both user's and admin's)were sent only for first payment within invoice.
    • Added admin notification for free signups
    • Added translation for signup form title
    • Added Turkish lira as supported currency
    • JS bug fixed with Safari
    • Implements #666 - Am_Pdf_Page_Decorator Improvement: Centered text
    • ePay payment plugin
    • Implements #644 - Plugin to limit subscriptions count for specific product

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