aMember Pro version 4.1.12 released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Member Pro 4.1.12 released
    Release target: bugfixes

    Changes since 4.1.10
    • Product quantity can be configured in billing plan settings to be fixed or flexible (flexible qty works in shopping cart interface only)
    • Fixed bug: access period calculation - if user's latest access record for given product have expiration date in the past, aMember will take current date as new access record start date. This was done to handle situations when next payment within invoice was added with delay (for example if there is a problem with connection between amember and payment system and admin have to add payment to user's invoice record manually)
    • Fixed bug: Several Javascript issues on aMember pages when "Use Wordpress Theme" is enabled.
    • Bug fixed : wrong signup day in aff commission calculation
    • Wordpress plugin: karma theme integration
    • Fixed bug: vBulletin plguin groups calculation issue. If user have more than one product with different primary groups, only one group was used. No second group will be added as additional group
    • Fixed bug : 404 errors on aMember pages when worpress theme used
    • Fixed bug: PayPal PRO subscriptions were not cancelled when cancel link was used from aMember CP
    • Fixed bug : logging not UTF-8 IPN messages
    • Improvement: Accept Direct Payments support added to paypal plugin
    • Fixed bug: sort of preselected products on signup page
    • Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin: javascript error in widgets area when mootools library used by theme.
    • Fixed bug: Unable to get logged in user info from Am_Lite when suhosin.session.encrypt is enabled(wordpress plugin was affected as well). When suhosin.session.encrypt is enabled, amember will use default php sessions
    • Fixed bug: cancellation url for paypal-express subscriptions
    • Fixed bug: Unable to cancel Paypal pro recurring subscription
    • Fixed bug: FirstData plugin generate SQL error on payment activation
    • Display qty in admin invoices view
    • Added new Brick: HTML text
    • Fixed bug: paypal pro ipn script generate error. Added support of API certificates
    • Improvement: Setup process will check for necessary extensions installed in php
    • Closes #637 Fixed bug: Am_Lite didn't work when aMember use different session name
    • Added autologin for autocreated payments
    • Closes #637 Added ability to specify only First or Last name in signup form. Added such setting to name "brick"
    • Closes #638 Added hint to dirbrowser in wordpress plugin
    • Closes #629 Fixed bug: User is not logged in to third party script after purchase
    • Fixed bug: Cancellation url was not available in user's payment history for paypal payment plugin
    • Fixed bug: User requested email messages (such as lost passwords or signup message ) were not sent and incorrectly added to email queue if limit of period email messages were reached
    • Filter for admin logs added
    • Coupons export added
    • Closes #639 - minor HTML fix
    • Closes #634 - fixed FR states
    • Closes #614 - for fields, require name to start with a letter
    • Closes #609 - Incorrect redirect after login in aff module
    • Added new block to member's area -> main screen. Block will include list of active products that user have + these products expiration dates
    • CSRF protection added to all admin forms
    • Refs #636 - paypal-express IPN does not work
    • Added default country option to Address Info brick
    • Added Separate display/require options for each field in address info brick
    • Closes #597 - error during exception handling in custom app
    • Gratefully handle situation when IPN is handled earlier than Thanks transaction
    • Added manually approve new affiliates possibility. When affiliate signup type will be set to "Only admin can add user as affiliate" and user will signup through affiliate signup form, his account will be set as not approved
    • Closes #508 Implemented Manually approve new users functionality
    • Better compatibility of css rules
    • Skip validation for additional fields in aMember CP -> Add user form
    • Fixed bug: After login into aMember CP admin were redirected to dashboard instead of link he clicked. (For example when admin receive email from helpdesk and click a link to open ticket, he was redirected to Dashboard instead of ticket content)
    • Placeholder for user info in Admin user's related pages
    • Fixed bug: Redirects didn't happen in IE9 (wrong charset in ajax responses)
    • Fixed bug: Affilite info tab was displayed incorrectly in IE9
    • Added suhosin.session.encrypt check. Integration will not work when that setting enabled
    • Fixed bug: get_magic_quotes_gpc() return false but quotes in _POST array are still being escaped. Issue happens if magic_quotes_gpc is enabled in master php.ini
    • Fixed bug with import of miltiple payments
    • Currency code added
    • Fixed paysys_id for autocreated payments and added messages for better debugging
    • Closes #627 Fixed bug: vBulletin plguin Users were added as COPPA users into vBulletin
    • Fixed bug: single login does not work when vBulletin installed on subdomain
    • Disable error if ini_set is disabled
    • Turkish language added
    • Fixed bug: Unable to view user's invoices/access when user signup with coupon and that coupon was deleted
    • Fixed Bug: Payout info form didn;t work in IE9
    • Fixed bug:
    • Shopping cart: incorrect link fixed
    • Wordpress plugin: Delete all headers sent by wordpress. It send Last-Modified header automatically and this sometime lead to "Too many redirects" problem in Firefox when try to access protected content after login.
    Just around the corner: first 4.2.0 beta, with Amazon S3 support, fully configurable video sharing, iContact and other e-mail systems support and many other cool improvements. Watch for the news in our twitter @cgicentral.

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