aMember Pro version 4.1.10 released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    aMember Pro 4.1.10 released
    Release target: bugfixes, plugin updates and small improvements

    Changes since 4.1.9
    • API: Added Am_Event::INVOICE_*CALCULATE hooks
    • Implements #590 - resend IPN
    • Closes #584 Fixed bug: WP plugin cannot detect windows aMember path
    • Closes #571 - After import from version3, when Rebuild Db clicked, all customers are receiving e-mails
    • Closes #581 - Product Category filter problems
    • Implements #591 - Delete file if it is not used somewhere else
    • Wordpress plugin: added POT file
    • Propertly handle tax with digits after dot
    • Propertly handle IP address instead of domain name when setting cookies
    • Do not send notification to user for admin comments in helpdesk
    • Wordpress plugin: New shortcode am4aff - content will be displayed only for affiliates.
    • Closes #596 - indicate if user is locked or do not approved in user grid
    • Wordpress plugin: am4view notactive fixed.
    • Fixed bug: IE8 IE9 and latest version of chrome does not accept cookies if domain is set to localhost.
    • Fixed bug: Single login didn't work when efront installed on different server.
    • Added link to edit user profile from ticket page.
    • Changed invoice address rendering
    • Implements #582 - Display product category in admin-products list
    • Fixed bug: Payments were not activated if pdf invoice template is not correct.
    • Bug fixed: local translations with newline in string works incorrectly
    • API: Fixed bug: "Failed loading key" errors on single login for some protection plugins.
    • Import identify existing users by login or email (instead of just login)
    • Sometimes Free paysystem was used even if product is not free
    • Javascript error on signup page fixed
    • Ability to "live" edit sort order for products in grid
    • Bug fixed: autoloader can not load Am_Report_AffStats
    • Signup forms now use alternative templates as choosed in form editor
    • Norwegian language added
    • Firstdata (linkpoint) plugin alpha
    • cart.js : makes possible to create cart buttons and links outside of aMember
    • DIBS payment plugin added
    • Wordpress plugin: Added new attribute to am4guest shortcode (notactive) to disable shortcode text for not active users as well.
    • Added prefix to aMember menu items
    • Orion theme integration
    • Closes #573 - in WordPress 3.3 when configuring the amember plugin, the title shows up as getTitle());?>
    • Fixed bug: Remove unnecessary commas from invoice if user do not have address info specified.

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