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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by newdo4u2, Mar 8, 2004.

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    If you are reading this board (like I did) trying to decide which membership program to purchase for your site, look no further. Amember Pro is an awesome program with unsurpassed support! The directions, manual and installation were easy, only had a few stumbles (due to my own short comings, not the programs). My questions and probs were answered and addressed quickly and professionally and I was up and running in no time (thanks Alex).

    I've had Amember integrated, running smoothly and making money for about a month now on my site Amember has proved to be a worthwhile investment!

    I too had purchased D****(nightmare)*****nt prior to Amember and had nothing but trouble from the get-go. After 5 days of trying to get it installed (way too buggy), horrible customer support (actually, no customer support) had to kick, scream and threaten to get a refund. (normally I wouldn't find it necessary to mention and bash the competition, but I hope to spare someone from making the same mistakes by purchasing their product) Btw, thanks to another disgruntled customer that was my salvation by posting amembers link on their board. Came on over to the other side and haven't looked back since!

    Thanks again, Alex, for a great program and awesome support. It's nice, for once, to actually get more than you paid for! Keep up the great service!

  2. skguyer

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    Dream Cost Nightmare

    Are you talking about Dream Cost? i just got a refund finally and ran immediately to Amember the minute I got the money back. I had installed amember for clients before but wanted to be more unique so I used dreamcost, Big mistake. I should have realized that if everyone was using amember it must be proven as the better program. I messed with DC for weeks and finally just rewrote the script and had it working when they refunded my money. I was on my laptop and turned to my hubby and said well,they refunded my money, Im going to find amember. I ordered immediately.
    It works so much better!

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