aMember Pro 5.4.2 released

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    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 5.4.2. This release contains fixes and improvements.

    5.4.2 2018-02-07 11:37:00 +0400
        Ability to customize billing plan during add invoice from admin interface (easy ability to set any price without changes in product settings)
        HTML From Brick: Sidebar Postion - ability to add sidebar to signup form from admin interface with any html (useful to add testimonials/benifits etc)
        User Groups Brick: ability for user to manage subset of user groups on his own
        Agreement Brick: ability toi attach agreement state to invoice instead of user
        Easy ability to add hyperlink to Product Title in Active Subscriptions widget
        Enable MagicSelect for Frontend
        Hightlight configs tabs for just enabled plugins/modules
        Display PHP Info only to superadmin, it can have sensetive data in environment variables
        Handle required checkboxes product options with single option
        Helpdesk: ability to use seprate email from address for notificaton from helpdesk
        JV: use total before tax to calculate partner share
        Bug Fixed:
            Sort of Product Billing Plan
            Numeric validation did not work
            Invoice log - search by incremental id fixed
            Show only public payment systems on shopping cart by default
            Fatal error in php 7.2 on upgrade
            Cast DATETIME columns as DATE for conditions with dates
            OTO plugin bug fixed
        Payment Plugins:
            New Plugin: Cardinity payment plugin
            New Plugin: FirstAtlanticCommerce payment plugin
            Clickbank: replace mcrypt with openssl (mcrypt is removed from PHP 7.2)
   fixed bug: payment record was created on CC update
            CCBill: do no pass formName in URL for flexforms - caused errors
            Yandex: fixed bug - column 'receipt_id' cannot be null
        New Plugin:
            Schedule Billing Terms Change - Ability to schedule modification of billing plan terms at given date time
            Google Sign In Plugin
    Your suggestion for future version is welcome! You can submit feature request here:
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