aMember Pro 5.4.1 released

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  1. caesar

    caesar aMember Pro Developer Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 5.4.1. This release contains fixes and improvements.

    5.4.1 2018-01-17 13:16:23 +0400
        Invoice Summary: do not touch DOM if nothing changed (get rid of unnecessary blink effect)
        Coupon Brick: Do not add default coupon if it is not valid (start/end dates, usage limit etc.)
        Separate refunds and chargeback in PaymentsVSRefunds report
        Ability to download saved reports as CSV
        Ability to generate batch of coupons with specific prefix
        Do not use characters [QIO01] in coupon code generation to avoid any possible confusion
        mail: add -f paramater for sendmail
        Show qty for items (if more then one) on user side
        Add member directories to menu editor
        Shoping Cart: option 'If product is not available because of require/disallow settings'
        API: CB_INIT_GRID_FINISHED grid event
        BuyNow Buttons
            perform invoice validation
            utilize order-data to pass info to signup form
            ability to add coupon within button configuration
            Bug Fixed: buyNow button configuration, array_merge does not preserve numeric keys
            simplify credits expiration configuration
        Resume Subscriptiption
            properly handle case of tax in absorb mode
            maintain original discount
            ability to export Leads
            optional feature to display customer emails to affiliate
        Self Service:
            ability to edit credits type title from module config
            split types of products, ability to sort
        pending-invoice-clear: option Only trigger Paid Products
        REST API: check-access/send-pass
        Bug Fixed: bind of anonymous file upload
        Bug Fixed: grids - getFoundRows can return incorrect results in some circumstances
        Bug Fixed: invisible underscore in input (Firefox)
        Bug Fixed: error if access record is 'special'
        Bug Fixed: absorb tax mode with qty more then 1
        Bug Fixed: country wasn't saved in invoice when location validation was disabled
        Bug Fixed: facebook plugin had duplicated ID's if signup for different accounts from the same device
        Bug Fixed: product-required-fields - case of multiple product bricks on same form
        Bug Fixed: resend action from mail queue send incorrect email in some circumenstens
        Bug Fixed: Unsubscribe - fixed handle of "Do not Show Unsubscribe Block on Member Page"
        Bug Fixed: mass approval issue
        Bug Fixed: interaction issue between ui modal and select2 search
        ⨯ -> ✕ (compatibility with mobile devices)
        PayPal: we can get such txn_type (recurring_payment_profile_cancel) for initial attempt to create profile (case of PROFILESTATUS=PendingProfile), in this case on next attempt we can get correct recurring profile in PayPal and cancelled invoice in aMember
        Stripe: compatibility with moblile device - remove auto click becouse on mobile overlay is ugly and stripe try to open new window (this action require user click event)
        Ecorepay payment plugin fixed
        Wirecard plugin: changing endpoints.
        G2A fixed to work with address fields (required for selling physical goods)
        ccBill plugin: set address info from ccBill if empty in amember
        PayDotCom payment plugin added
        Invision4: additional groups
        Interspire: config option - Fields Mapping
        Joomla plugin: Update last visit date on login
    Your suggestion for future version is welcome! You can submit feature request here:
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