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    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 5.4.0. This release contains fixes and improvements.

    5.4.0 2017-12-11 10:40:22 +0400
        New-rewrite cookie should expire at the end of the session
        Unsubscribe - fixed bug if newsletter module is enabled and block is removed from custom php
        Do not allow to use sendpass form for locked users
        Bug Fixed: Am_Lite session id can have comma (session.hash_bits_per_character/session.hash_bits_per_character = 6)
        Enable vatid brick for subclass of Am_Invoice_Tax_Vat2015
        Bug fixed - password confirmation did not work at signup form in some circumstance
        Do not use Start Date Calculation for upgrade invoice
        Grids: do not init filter before run (ability to change filter from plugins)
        Closes #1778 - Non-Editable Backend Data for Invoice/Refund PDF's
        Correct discount field for case of Product Price include VAT
        Add Germany date format (with dots) as available format option
        Properly handle case of signup without products with manual approve option enabled
        Invoice Summary Brick: option to display subscription terms
        Name Brick: ability to switch order of First and Last name
        Bug Fixed: access condition Any Product works incorrectly in some circumstances
        Bug Fixed: default option did not work for radio buttons
        Ability to limit usage of coupon by specific billing plans
        Admin Interface
            User Menu Editor (Drag & Drop interface to manage user menu)
            BuyNow buttons Implementation
            Ability to resend Email Confirmation Link
            New User search creteria - Refund Amount
            Visual feedback on report save action
            Respect sort order for newletter lists within admin interface
            Display progress for table repairing
            CKeditor: fix placeholder plugin
            Log payout actions: PAID, NOT PAID, DELETED
        Shopping Cart:
            Ability to bulk resize images for all products if admin change preview sizes
            Take into account product scope when retrieve category list
            Ability to configure no widgets in shopping cart and hide cart sidebar in this case
        Payment Plugins
            New Plugin: Jvshare payment
            New Plugin:
            New Plugin: additional-stripe-sources - Ability to use Stripe Source api to accept Alipay, Bancontact, Giropay, iDEAL and P24 payments  through your stripe account.
            New PLugin: Yandex Payment
            New Plugin: FHTPay
            New Plugin: Doku
            New Plugin: Amazon Pay
            Authorize-Cim: change Hosted CIM forms (End of Life - March 30, 2018) to Accept Customer forms
            Thrive-cart: handle refunds notifications
            Epoch: properly handle denied payments
            Stripe, Authorize-cim: do not display update CC info link if user has not active recurring subscription
            Stripe: optional ability to accept Bitcoin on Hosted Form
            ClickBank: support for Encrypt Transaction URLs option
            ClickBank: handle new format of thank you page
            ClickBank: update clickbank statement on thanks page
            Eway-rapid3: fix for case of multiple items in same invoice
            Worldpay: use absolute url for redirect
            Flexpay: Fixed bug: plugin unable to handle IPN message: "Column 'receipt_id' cannot be null"
            Epay: fix refund feature
            Avangate: Fixed bug: plugin didn't use purchase quantity with auto create enabled
        Soft Sale:
            Fix filter for binds
            Ability to filter licenses by expiration date
            Ability to export list of licenses to CSV file
            Improve license preview in admin interface
        Infusion Soft Plugin: Rebuild DB fixed
        Self-Service: use grid if products are more then for one page
        Linkedin Login plugin
        Login Reminder plugin: added ability to insert %product_title% placeholder to login reminder templates
        Login reminder plugin: Ability to configure more then one reminder depends on purchased product
        Invite Plugin: More integration with aff module
        Invite Plugin: New option added 'Make invited user Affiliate'
        Zendesk: name field is required (sunmit login if name is empty)
        Invision 4: single login fixed for 4.2
        Facebook: improve readme
        New Plugin: Insightly CRM
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