aMember Pro 5.3.2 released

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  1. caesar

    caesar aMember Pro Developer Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 5.3.2. This release contains fixes and improvements.

    5.3.2 2017-10-04 03:45:05 +0400
        Send expiration email to admin event if user usubscribed
        Coupon Brick: add option Default Coupon
        New-rewrite: portable protection code
        ID, NL, DA payment terms translation added
        Treat invalid date format as empty input (get rid of exception)
        Am_Mail_Template: ability to add CC address
        Add Pagination to Resource Category Pages
        Include ckeditor with full destribution
        Mass Subscribe Action: add validation to form to prevent Database Error (required fields is not populated)
        Get admin confirmation to archive / restore products
        Ability to use email as username for admins
        Ability to search by entity ID at Protect Content section
        Moved files from cc module to core
        Include email to user log even if message has multiple recipients
        New setting 'Apply Tax To Shipping Price' for regional tax
        Rearrange helpdesk admin grid fields
        Am_Lite query() rewritten
        Bug Fixed: clear all "having" to run totals sql
        Bug Fixed: DB error when search by Product within invoice list (Backend)
        Bug Fixed: category element - visual glitch once new entity added
        Bug Fixed: call 'cancelInvoice' for upgrades for cc plugins (invoices were marked as canceled at Amember only)
        Bug Fixed: access check by user groups
        Bug Fixed: unsubscribing by email links
        Bug Fixed: Am_Lite is unable to authenticate user from remember me cookies
        Bug Fixed: htpasswd passwords didn't work
        Bug Fixed: unsubscribe block
        Shopping Cart
            properly handle required product options
        REST API
            return links to user's resources in check-acess calls
            method normalization
            add urls of endpoints to API key configuration
            New Commission Conditions: Product Billing Plan/Not Product Billing Plan
        Payment Plugins
            ccBill: Ability to use the same flexform for all products
            PayPal: added support for PDT. Useful in situations when paypal used in front of amember
            PayPal Express: fix first rebilling datetime
            PayPal Express: JSv4 Checkout implemented
            Bluesnap: Updated IP of IPN servers used for verification
            Gocardless PRO: Several fixes to plugin
            New Payment Plugin for
            Fastspring: support for popup storefronts added
            Bitpay: library updated
            JVZoo: fix thanks action
            Payfast: fixed check source
   CIM: fixed showing of error for acceptjs
            Paddle plugin
            Payeezy: bug fixed - plugin incorrect parameters passed to js create token api
        Integration Plugins
            Wordpress: handle meta_title
            MyBB plugin: set correct default options for new users created in myBB
            Infusion CRM plugin reworked
            Invision4: plugin was updated to work with Invision 4.2
            Invision4: Single login fixed to Invision 4.2
            Invision4: allow to select display name
        Newsletter Plugins
            ConstantContact2 newsletter plugin added - uses API v2
            New Newsletter Plugin: Mailpoet
        Misc Plugins
            Pdf-stamping: add ability to rotate stamp
            File-upload: properly handle upload in single mode
            SoftSale: show link to downloads page if no license is assigned
            rewrite workoutExpires to avoid full table lock, it is important on huge database
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