aMember Pro 5.3.0 (STABLE) released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    5.3.0 2017-07-31 14:35:40 +0400
    New stable version
    • Implemented automatic translation of billing terms: en, fr, it, de and ru
    • Visual improvements for admin pages and admin dashboard
    • Ability to translate paysystems title/description at the plugin setup
    • Added ability to set product categories from manage products grid
    • Product Brick: ability to remove product Even if require/disallow Condition can meet in Current Purchase
    • Fixed bug: Logout didn't work if user was authenticated through remember login cookies.
    • Fixed bug: Redirect After logout URL setting was ignored sometimes.
    • Fixed bug: Exception logged by Invoice Summary brick with enabled Maxmind location validation.
    • More reliable way to validate EU VAT ID
    • Bug Fixed: ajax validation of coupon within upgrade/downgrade form
    • Self-Service
      • show history even if user doesn't have enough credits.
      • improve layout of product card, utilize product image from shopping cart module if exists
    • Subusers
      • add Widget with Subusers Package
      • ability to attach multiple subusers products to parent product
    • Shopping Cart:
      • Sort categories in dropdown by title too.
      • Allow html in category description.
    • Directory - ability to opt out from directory
    • BlockPendingInvoice: ability to choose Disregard Behavior {hide,delete}
    • Sendgrid-Webhooks: unsubscribe only hard bounce
    • Google-analytics: added option to do not track sale if it contains some products
    • PDF invoice: fix line height calculation
    • File Upload: New setting in form brick configuration : Allow to upload single file only
    • Payment Plugins
      • Improved configuration page for paypal plugin
      • New plugin: Mobiuspay
      • New Payment plugin: Fastspring Contextual. Support for new Fastspring Contextual Commerce platform.
      • Fixed bug: Paypal Express Checkout plugin didn't handle second_period = lifetime expiration date for recurring subscription properly
      • Bluesnap: Added BuyNow Hosted Payment Page support
      • Stripe - update cc info link fixed
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