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  1. caesar

    caesar aMember Pro Developer Staff Member

    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 5.2.6 (BETA). This release contains fixes and improvements.

    5.2.6 2017-07-03 12:42:03 +0400
        Added current date and time to list of available placeholders
        User Agreement: option to show agreement in popup
        Use 500 status for response in event of Am_Exception_InternalError
        Login Page: ability to set meta data (Title/Keywords/Description) from admin interface
        Store remote_addr to invoice record
        Ability to set start date of acecss to 1st of current Month or Last of current Month
        Ability to disable signup form (handy in case you want to leave form but do not allow its usage)
        Include JS library from CDN (speed up page loads)
        Update ckeditor to latets version
        Log access to content
        i18n: decouple Front End and Back End locales, inherit region language variation from mian language ie.: root -> fr -> fr_CA, improve translation UX
        Flowplayer: add controlsList=nodownload in event of html5 video
        Name Brick: change config option 'Read Only' -> 'Disallow Name Change'
        Add country and state modifiers to simple template (resolve id to title)
        Add block position member/upgrade : easy ability to add some text to upgrade popup window
        throw error in case of attempt to delete user with active recurring subscriptions - it is necessary to cancel all subscriptionbefore delete user
        Password strength indicator
        Active Subscriptions Block - add divider between cancel and upgrade link
        Infusion-soft - add access with correct expire date, remove access only if it was added by plugin
        Bug Fixed: upgrade in case of tax with absorb mode
        Bug Fixed: htpasswd plugin add user to htgroup file incorrectly (incorrect order of needle and hystack in strpos)
        Admin UI
            Ability to see the body of previously sent emails in the email history
            Handy ability to change order of resources across multiple pages
            Ability to filter resources by category
            Widgets: do not touch HTML DOM if not necessary
            Add user tooltips to dashboard widgets
            Add content categories to menu
            Folder Protection: does not allow to protect folder with aMember
            Ability to Repair Database Tables from Admin Interface
            Use tabs for billing plan edit
            Ability to export invoice comment alongside with other fields
            Improve Customize Dashboard UX
            Ability to enable all permissions for admin record with one click
            Protection agains lock himself from admin interface - force admin to solve reCaptcha before enable it (case with incoprrect either public or secret key for reCAPTCHA)
            New Report: Affiliate Commission Amount by User
            Product Conversion Report: display result in percents
        Solid Color Theme
            Ability to choose links color from admin interface
            Make Solid Color theme compatible with Wpengine (handle .css by nginx)
        Self Service Module
            Ability to sort products within admin UI
            Ability to filter products by categgory (?c=ID)
            Check product requirements for storefront
            Bug fixed for free trial
            Take into account all products from cart when check product requirements (not only current scope)
            More reliable way to detect root url
            Increase quality of resized product images
            Preview of images attachments
            Option to allow users to re open closed tickets
            Fix rebuild - we can not rely on subusers to rebuild parent user (parent can have not subusers yet)
            Set actual expiration date from parent account instead of lifetime, in case of parent multiple packages with same product then set maximum from available
            Optionally Hide Active Subscriptions Widget for Subuser
            Improve error message for subusers who can not pay by himself according module configuration
            Option to soft delete (detach subuser account instead of completely delete it)
            Ability to detach subusers from paretnt account (admin interface)
            Does not allow admin to set SubUsers Product to Porduct itself (avoid recursion)
            Add option 'Show ajax version of widget' to text widget
            Decouple Am_Text widget from WP_Text (it is important to fix issue with WP 4.8)
            Take into account qty in case of absolute commisssion
            Fix commission test (take into account setting Calculate Affiliate Commissions from Totals Including Tax)
            Fixed commission amount for keywords report
            Fixed tracking of keywords in some cases
            Unsubscribe user on event UserBeforeDelete (some plugins ie. mailchimp can try to load recods duiring unsubscribe)
            Klaviyo Newsletter Plugin (
            Hubspot newsletter plugin added
            Ability to use placeholders within URL
        Payment Plugins
            New Plugin: Touchnet ePay
            New Plugin: Internet Mathematics Assessment System (
            New Plugin: G2A Pay
            New Plugin:
            Braintree plugin: Added Drop-In UI support
            Tinypass fixed - removed code to delete invoice
            Fixed bug: Authorize.NET CIM sometimes user have to submit CC info twice.
            authorize-cim: fix for items without ids (not products)
            Bug Fixed: Fastspring plugin duplicate quantity on Auto Invoice create.
            FastSpring - use more info from IPN to create user
            PayPro: correctly handle IPN for partial refunds
            GoCardless PRO plugin updated to work with latest API. Contributed by Rob Woodgate, Cogmentis Ltd
            Stripe plugin: NZD currency support was added.
        Other Plugins
            OTO Plugin: option to Skip Offer in case of user already have access to this product
            Default Product Plugin: add scope option
            Avatar Plugin: ability to retrieve avatar by user login
            Pending Invoice Clear Plugin: ability to choose trigger {New Invoice Completed,New Pending Invoice Added}
            Sales Notification Plugin: add postion config option
            Sales Notification Plugin: ability to choose animation type - slide/fade
            Shipping Flat Plugin: optionally add flat cost for each tangible item within invoice
            File Upload Plugin: ability to make some categories public
            New Plugin: Email Snippet - speed up everyday mail routine
            New Plugin: Clickfunnels integration
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