aMember Pro 5.2.4 released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    5.2.4 2017-04-25 15:28:40 +0400
    Bugfix release for 5.2.x branch

    • Solid Color Theme: add color presets to theme configuration page, ability to choose font size and family within theme configuration
    • New plugin: Sales Notification. Allow to display pop-up notifications about new sales on the site
    • Payments history page - allows upgrade link for canceled invoices
    • Fixed bug: AuthorizeCIM plugin: Error while updating CC info in accept.js mode
    • Eliminate usage of __autoload function, it is deprecated
    • Add CSS for Facebook buttons on login and signup pages
    • Load VAT ID brick only if EU VAT Tax enabled, otherwise we can get unexpected error on signup form
    • Bug Fixed: form bricks - fields in readonly mode should not have any validation rules, othewise it will be impossible to save form
    • Shipping Flat: Bug Fixed - ignore case in zip/postal code
    • Bug Fixed: No Access page did not use Layout
    • Aff: ability to choose multiple dates for payout
    • Add Pulau Pinang and Putra Jaya subdivisions to territories list
    • Update select2 to latest version
    • Bug Fixed: Redirect to proper profile form after log in (not always to default one)
    • REST API: add info about user groups to check-access response
    • Ability to use MEDIUMTEXT and MEDIUMBLOB field types for custom user fields
    • Bug Fixed: affiliate link should redirect to home page by default
    • New Integration Plugin: FB Inboxer (
    • Self-Service Module: Added ability to define credits expiration and rollover.
    • Rewrite Admin Translation interface to be compatible with suchosin (finish struggle with windmills)
    • Bug Fixed: Customize dashbord did not work if admin has many saved reports (not enough color in color queue) so we use it as circular array instead
    • Bug Fixed: Payment Link should be absolute within email template
    • Verotel - dynamic pricing for recurring
    • Fixed bug: "Free Access without log-in" protection method didn't work for pages. Access denied error was displayed
    • Fixed bug: Gift voucher receiver brick generate an error on signup page in 5.2.3
    • Fixed bug: Unable to switch between saved searches at amember CP -> Browse Users -> Advanced Search
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