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    Finally, aMember Pro 5.2.x is out of beta stage. There is a lot of improvements and bug fixed have been made to aMember core and add-ons.

    5.2.3 2017-04-10 16:10:56 +0400
    First Stable release in the 5.2.x branch

    Fix problem with cart redirect after signup (appeared in 5.2.0)
    Remove restriction for maximum length of admin password (it does not make any sense)
    Fixed bug: Cart should be destroyed before user sent to payment system, and after user logout.
    Blockchain plugin: added support of v2 API
    Fixed Bug : Do not display archived products in SelfService setup
    Exclude Shipping Fee from Affiliate Commission Calculation
    Add info about used signup form to user profile (Signup Info)
    PDF Stamp: ability to style stamp text (font/size/color/postion/align)
    New Plugin: GoToTraining
    New affiliate program model Last Click Wins:
    Translate country title in pdf invoice.
    Jvzoo: fix for multiple secret keys withion single plugin
    Moodle - update groups as well
    CCbill: do not handle EXPIRE notification from CCbill, aMember handle expiration on its own
    New Plugin: Square Checkout.
    Fixed bug: Incorrect data in Last Month dashboard widget at the end of some months.
    Aff: give plugin ability to introduce new payout methods
    New Plugin: Block disposable email domains.
    schedule-emails module
    Xenforo - re-POST data instead of redirect
    Batch Unsubsribe Plugin
    amazon SNS: we need to extract email address from FROM header before process it

    5.2.2 2017-03-28 18:25:27 +0400
    Security: fix possible XSS on Login Page
    Highlight active menu item for protected pages
    Fixed responsiveness for audio player
    Closes #1870 - bug in content editing controller
    Bug Fixed: E-Mail User mass action
    shipping-flat: different rate based on customer delivery address
    display email address on unsubscribe page
    Agreement Brick: option to check checkbox by default
    Added ability to change used configuration set from config.php This is useful when you need to use the same database for more than one amember copy.

    Admin Reports
    Admin widget: replace Scheduled Recurring Revenue with Monthly Recurring Revenue (that has more sense)
    Refund Rate
    Refunds by product or product category breakdown
    Count of Cancellations by date period
    Refunds by payment system breakdown

    Newsletter Plugins
    Fixed bug: Mailchimp plugin didn't properly unsubscribe user if he specify email with capital letters. Also removed direct curl usage from plugin code.
    New newsletter plugin: MailJet
    New Mail Sending Method: MailJet
    Mail Sending Method: SendGrid Web API v3

    Integration Plugins
    Fixed Bug: Test database settings button didn't work.
    WP: take into account WP_SITEURL if possible (will work if option to use wp theme is enabled/otherwise can define it in config.php)

    Payment Plugins
    Hide CC module in UI: enable/disable it automatically in background based on choosen payment plugins
    Fixed bug: Do not validate cardholders name when using Authorize.NET CIM accept.js Pass it to as is to validate it there
    Itransact plugin development version
    Clickbank Plugin: Cart support added(ability to select more then one product on signup page)
    ccbill: handle lifetime period for dynamic pricing
    Fixed stripe refund webhooks
    Fixed bug: Worldpay plugin: php error in ipn script.

    5.2.1 2017-03-13 10:45:38 +0400
    Fix compatibility with PHP 5.3
    Add positions for html blocks to payment history page
    Ability to use multiple video on same page in async mode
    Ability to enable persist DB connection from config
    Allow to resume failed subscriptions
    API: add Am_Event::pAGE_BEFORE_RENDER - Called before render protected page
    Aff: ability to download transaction details to CSV if config option allow it
    Bug Fixed: respect sort order in i18n interface when filter applied
    Bug Fixed: properly check isLoaded for the tables with literal keys
    Bug Fixed: ajax action for setup forms
    Bug Fixed: option-editor does not respect sort order in some circumestance
    Implements #1865 - Import User, log skipped lines
    Two Level of Admin Notification: Error and Notice
    Properly handle case when two license keys in config (one expired and another one valid)
    Show Mail Queue Status in Admin UI
    Set maximum priority for test email message from admin interface to get it send when queue is full
    Improve Filter in Mail Queue - add bility to filter by status
    New Report: Count of Pending Invoices
    Add Filter to section Blocking IP/E-Mail (Backend)
    Newsletter: unsubscribe user from subscription on deletion
    Softsale Module: Fixed bug: aMember CP -> Licenses list is too slow.
    Affiliate: Ability to export affiliate stat to file for affiliates

    Payment Plugins
    Molllie Payment Plugin
    PayPal - handle recurring_payment_suspended_due_to_max_failed_payment, properly add chargebacks
    Authorize CIM - properly handle duplicate payment profile
    Verotel Flexpay - recurring payments were not added properly

    Integration Plugins
    Stockboxphoto integration plugin
    Drupal - resolve class name conflict with WP (if option to use WP theme is enabled)
    Phpbb - resolve class name conflict with WP
    SMF - fixed bug with additional groups
    Vanilla - fix permissions, relay on vanilla to calculate proper permission
    Joomla - set cookie with wildcard to support single login between subdomains

    decouple index_fields and seacrh_fields
    ability to search by country in foreign language
    properly handle group condition

    Misc Plugins
    User Notification - allow to leave alerts for user profile
    Stopforumspam (
    Intercom - replace APi Key with Personal Access Token
    Widget Plugin - Add Not Condition (Ability to hide Widget based on user active/expired subscriptions)

    5.2.0 2017-02-10 11:39:18 +0400
    Improve compatibility with PHP 7.1
    Decouple URL build
    Ability to add Captcha to Login Page (configuration option)
    Move Currency from Product to Billing Plan
    New custom field type - Single checkbox
    Ability to upload files to upload custom user fields in Admin UI
    Brick Referred By - Add option to display either username or name or email
    Video - Ability to upload Closed Captions alognside with video file
    Video - Ability to add watermark with logo (setup option)
    PDF Invoice - more granular control (ability to download from account|attach to email recipt to user|attach to email receipt to admin)
    Amazon S3 - Add new region (US East 2)
    Amazon S3 - Force file download (Content-Disposition: attachment)
    Ability to translate custom labels for Form Editor within UI
    Invoice auto create - Ability to specify product quantity
    Bug Fixed: Item compatibility work incorrectly in some circumstance
    Bug Fixed: Some directory is missed in dir browser - directory name can cast to bool false so we need to do strong type comparation
    Bug Fixed: Authenticate user by import third-party password functionality didn't work when passowrd hashing method doesn't require salt

    Admin UI
    Revenue Goal Widget - green when the goal is on target and red if its falling behind target
    Ability to sort billing plans within product form
    Coupon batch grid - show coupon code in grid if there is only one coupon in batch
    Easy ability to generate 1 coupon with explicit code
    DateTime form element - allow to specify time of manually payment explicitly
    File Browser - add preview for image files
    Add warning before Invoice Rebuild

    New Reports
    Affiliate Payout Amount by User - useful to prepare 1099
    Payments by Used Coupon
    Refunds by Used Coupon

    Shopping Cart
    Improve quantity select box in shopping cart
    Ability to quickly choose quantity if product allow it
    Ability to use product options
    Ability to choose sort order for products in admin interface
    Respect Assign Paysystem to Product option in Shopping Cart
    Ability to rearrange widgets from admin interface
    Add two types of layout for basket (Detailed and Short)
    Ability to use custom CTA image for generated add to cart button
    Highlight payment system on checkout

    Payment Plugins
    New Payment plugin - Razorpay (India)
    Clickbank - fixed free trials
    MIGS - change hash from md5 to sha256
    Paypal-express - recognize error for cancel request if profile already canceled
    Authorize SIM - shows cancel page if payment was not successful
    Psigate Account Manager - ability to refund payments
    SmartDebit (and other e-check plugins) - fixed rebilling errors (empty echeckRecord causes PHP errors)
    Uniteller - bug fixed (follow specification to parse CSV)
    Uniteller - cancel link fixed

    New Newsletter Plugin


    Misc Plugins
    Gift Card - allows to buy gift cards and send it to either existing user or new one by email
    Billing Plan Country - allow to offer different billing plans to diffrent coutries
    Dime Sale - add brick with next price level and remaining sales/time.

    Integration Plugins

    Phpbb3 - added support of 3.1.6 (password_hash)

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