aMember Pro 5.1.8 released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Christmas release - bugfixes and new features

    Core Changes
    • New Valildation Methods for Custom Fields: List of E-Mail Address, URL, IP Address
    • Newsletters - fixed additional fields for content records
    • Mass Action: Unsubscribe from All Emails
    • Form Editor: Conditional logic for additional fields
    • Invoice Summary Brick: properly handle case of donation
    • Bug Fixed: report NewVsExisting
    • Combine periods: take first period from most expensive item instead of last one - it make more sense
      Helpdesk: config option to allow admin edit his own messages (within 5 minutes after post)
    • Product Required Fields Plugin - allow you to require some fields on signup form based on choosen product in case of user did not fill in it yet
    • Am_Lite: add shortcut for getInstance ie.: Am_Lite::i()->isLoggedtIn()
    • Additional User Fields - ability to define validation settings on per form base
    • Implemented correct way to handle "no access url" for protected folders.
    • Add Download event to timeline
    • Recent Activity Admin Widget
    • Implements #1847 - Dropdown menu search option in reports area
    • Folder Protection: ability to enbale Directory Listings for folder from admin interface
    • Bug Fixed: ability to set Form as default even if it is listed on second or subsequent page in grid (case of huge number of signup forms)
    • Increase period of validity for links to reset password and email confirmation
    • login reminder: ability to send notification only to users with active subscriptipn to specified products
    • Invoice Summary Brick: take into account new country from signup form for logged in user to calcualte TAX
    • send Admin Free Subscription Notifications for free trial as well
    • Implements #1844 - add idn modifier for Am_SimpleTemplate
    • Ability to add links and pages to user menu
    • REST API: check-access - always execute checkUser
    • Webhooks: include passhash to user related events
    • Closes #1843 - auto add wildcard for NOT LIKE in advanced search
    • Webhooks: ability to remove particular events from queue/log
    • InvoiceSummary Brick: take into account TAX ID
    • Bug Fixed: configuration of schedule tax changes
    • Alternative theme added - "Solid Color", works best for integration into existing design
    • REST API: add list of active categories with expiration dates to response of check-access controller
    • Implements #1839 - New Advanced Filter: Not Subscribed to Newsletter Lists
    • Bug Fixed: Shopping Cart embed code does not work in case of jQuery is not loaded on page yet
    • Enable fallback paysystems for all plugins that supports cancel page.

    Misc Plugins
    • shipping-flat plugin - ability to add fixed shiping fee to invoice in case of it has at least one tangible item
    • New Plugin: Product Password - this plugin allow you to hide some products on signup page unless user provided valid product code during sign up
    • Conversion-track - fixed to respect multylines code between %foreach_product% and %endforeach_product%
    • EU VAT: New setting: "Add VAT to all B2B payments" - add VAT to transaction even if customer has business in another EU country.
    • Bug Fixed: WP - update links in session in case of user changed language (respect i18n)
    • Gift Voucher: bug fixed - donee can choose any billing plan for product if product has multiple billing plans
    • New Plugin - Widget: allow to add custom html widgets to user dashboard based on his active subscriptions

    Integration Plugins
    • Wordpress Plugin: Added UltimateMember groups support
    • css: improve compatibility with WP themes
    • New Newsletter Plugin: SharpSpring
    • Activecampaign plugin fixed

    Payment Plugins
    • Braintree PHP SDK updated to latest version
    • Payment Plugin: FlexPay (Verotel)
    • New payment plugin: Alipay
    • Payza plugin: added support of refunds and cancellations.
    • New Payment Plugin: SnappyCheckout
    • CCNow plugin: recurring billing support.
    • New Plugin: PSiGate Account Manager(recurring billing support through Account Manager)
    • SecurepayAU payment plugin updated
    • Bug Fixed: subusers module - titles for group option was empty
    • Fixed bug: Error in Bitpay IPN script
    • Fixed Bug: Ewayrapid3 payments were not activated in some situations.
    • Brantree plugin: Added ability to use hosted fields API. (PCI SAQ A compliant solution)
    • Braintree lib was updated to latest version.
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