aMember Pro 4.2.15 released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Member Pro 4.2.15 released
    Release target: bugfixes and new features: resources sort, random questions brick, fixed video streaming on iDevices, Facebook logout problem resolved.

      Core Changes:
        Display resource description in "Active Resources" block
        Added new form brick : Random Text Questions (CAPTCHA)
        Content resources sorting implemented
        Fixes #880: Unable to play video files on iDevices.
        Fixes #1070 - facebook signup page login link did not work when facebook was disabled on signup page
        Fixes #1070 - finally problem with facebook logout resolved correctly
        Account sharing prevention improved: added option to count only first X octets as different
        Implements #1046 - pending e-mail notifications will not be sent if user finished any payments within 48 hours
        Bug Fixed: unsubscribe from all email message should unsubscribe from 3ty part lists as well
        Bug fixed: description field was not populated in edit user group (since it is textarea)
        Fixed Bug: v3 import: Access was incorrectly added for refunded users on import from v3 to v4.
        Bug fixed: correct extension of file according new mime type
        Implements #1109 - clearer distinction for paid payouts in affiliates area
        Added purchased Items to aMember CP -> Reports -> Payments -> Export
        Helpdesk: translate plain links to hyperlinks in messages
        Added import of v3 aff banners and links - to redirect referrers to correct url's
        Fixed bug : import v3 - could not get correct terms for paypal payments in some cases
        Closes #1107 Set default group to subscribed in aMember CP -> Protect Content -> Integration -> Wordpress -> Groups
        Fixed untranslated strings in subusers plugin
        Fixed format for Hungarian Forint currency.
        Fixed bug : unable to delete custom font for pdf invoice
        Fixed bug : do not send zero autoresponder second time by cron
        Description changed "immediately after purchase" to "immediately after
              subscription is started" for autoresponders because it works this way
        Description changed for expire notifications: 'Send E-Mail if customer has subscription'
              -> 'Send E-Mail when subscription expires'
        Fixes #1038 - do not coupon usage if there was no discount applied to invoice
        Fixes #1048 - removed NULL value for unsubscribed field, now search by unsubscribe must be working fine
        Implements #1094 - Do not send pending emails if invoice has been added by admin,
          and do not send pending emails twice to the same user
        Subusers: Implements #1075 - use qty when products purchased. It allows to sell
          variable qty of reseller products via shopping cart
        Added debug mode to api module
        Removed <br> from element code, also changed span.error style to display all errors on new line
        Fixed bug: Unable to setup aMember into the site root.  RewriteBase calculated wrongly
        List "cc" payment plugins on aMember CP->Setup->Plugins even if "cc" module is not enabled
        Implements #1039 - ability to import street2 field
        Implements #1086 - Google Analytics, track free signups
        Closes #1067 - Duplicate transaction errors when using Mass subscribe with "Add Invoice" enabled
        implemented #1065 - added warning to admin users merge screen
        Fixes #1029 - Apparent Reporting Error - Extra day in week (only in labels, numbers were correct)
        Implemented #1026 - Add Totals to Reports
        Language strings updated (de translation reworked)
        Added import of aff clicks from v3
        Fixes #1082 - translations in helpdesk not working
        Fixed bug: aMember attempted to rebill failed invoices once a hour. Now each invoice will be processed only once a day
        Protect Content in admin menu moved to separate menu
        Am_Lite respects "Remember Me" cookie
        Fixed bug: Rebill date was calculated incorrectly if invoice have failed rebill attempts
            and admin has changed rebill_date manually from aMember CP
        Fixed bug in donation plugin: Donation product was added even if donation wasn't set
        Fixed bug : formatting for emails sent from queue
        Implements #1073 Ability to resend Emails from aMember CP -> Logs -> Mail Queue if status is 'Not Sent'
        Dutch language files updated
        Add new payment plugin: Wallet One
        Fixed bug with import v3 of 1SC payments
        Fixed conflict with wordpress paginator in cart page
        Fixed bug: Aweber integration didn't work when user_id was selected as custom
            field which should be passed to aweber
        Shopping Cart module: fix error when resave img & delete img product
        Allow multiple donation bricks on signup form
        Bug Fixed: ability to become affiliate by click on link if affiliate agrement is not configured
        Added IP address field into Fields available for import
        Gift Vouchers plugin: now there is possibility buy voucher for free product
        Add new newsletter plugin: listmail
        Fixed php error message in payment history table if Invoice item contain record with deleted product
        Added default user language setting to Moodle plugin
        Gift Vouchers misc plugin: fix brick label translate
        Implements #1052 - add notice about how to enable email verification for according templates
        Implements #1053 - ability to see logs for not super user, separate access to different log types
        Gift Vouchers misc plugin: fix brick label translate
        QuickFix for ShoppingCart setup forms
        QuickFix for generated ShoppingCart buttons in IE 8
      Payment Plugins
        new payment plugin micropayment
        clickbank: return short error message with status 200 on exception in IPN handler
        Add new payment plugin: BluePay (
        Add new payment plugin: korta (
        Fastspring plugin did not work correctly with custom fields SubscriptionURL and OrderReference2
        Added sagepay-form payment plugin(not recurring)
        Warrior Plus plugin will not validate received email address in order to handle payments from affiliates.
        Fixed bug: Recurring billing fixes for Google Checkout plugin
        Fixed bug: Google Checkout subscriptions were imported with incorrect name from Google Checkout
        Add new payment plugin: Autorize.Net SIM
        A potential problem fixed that may affect Authorize.Net CIM rebills
      Integration plugins:
            Fixed Bug: bulk protection action didn't work when posts/pages are filtered
            Added Network support to Wordpress plugin
            Closes #871: Two new options in protection block make post/page available
                        for guests only, make post/page available for affiliates
            Closes  #879 Implemented new shortcode for affiliate links.
            Added user_id to wordpress am4user shortcode
          add amember-plugin15 for Joomla ver.1.5, add instruction for install it
          fix bugs in amember-plugin for joomla 2.5
          fix redirect url in amember-plugin for joomla 2.5
          fix bugs in amember-plugin for joomla 2.5
          add amember-plugin for Joomla, add instruction for install it
          fixed single login for Joomla 1.7
        Fixed bug : listmail missed db.prefix
        LDAP integration plugin implemented
        Added 'afflevels' misc plugin, allows to assign user group to purchased product,
          useful to configure different affiliate commission levels that can be purchased
        Credits plugin : add credits for each purchased copy of product
        phpBB plugin fixed: now respect groups priority
        Add new misc plugin: Kunaki

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