aMember Pro 4.2.13 released

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    Member Pro 4.2.13 released
    Release target: bugfixes and new features, including Authorize.Net CIM Hosted Form support

    4.2.13 2012-11-13 16:34:00 +0400
        Fixed bug: Payment was added with incorrect amount when user signup for Free trial through FirstData payment plugin.
        Fixed bug : attachments for pending emails as well
        Fixed bug : attachments did not work in autoresponder or expire emails
        Fixed bug : incorrect calculation of start and expire dates when product is selected
        Restore amember exception handler after include of wordpress files
        Closes #997 - separate view for Maintenance message mode
        Fixed rebuild of integrated scripts on large databases
    4.2.12 2012-11-08 11:39:40 +0400
        Closes #966 Restore "Is Approved" checkbox in Edit user form
        Implements #994 - Get default date (for admin and user ui) from the server
        Implements #698 email users - drop down to insert field data
        Fixed bug: Unable to import large databases from aMember v3.
        Implements #877 - member directory
        Implements #747 - SFTP option for aMember upgrades
        Implements #990 - group priority for protect plugins
        Fixed bug: Unable to "purchase" free products in shopping cart.
        implements #987 - Allow access to video/files/pages without log-in
        API: hooks to pdf template render
        Implemented Australian GST (Inclusive Tax)
        Added ability to use custom font for pdf invoice, useful if some characters are not displayed correctly
        Implemented #962 - ability to stop/disable OTO
        Implements #912 - delete saved search
        Added Denmark translation
        Added Nederlands translation
        shopping cart module: fixed tax for cart, fixed subtotal in small basket block, removed small basket block from basket view
        Fixed bug: Invoice approval message wasn't sent.
        Fixed bug: Newsletter subscriptions were not properly enabled in some situations.
        Implements #985 - Automatic cleanup of pending invoices
        Fixed bug: Cancel notifications were not sent to user sometimes
        New option for affiliate commission : do not include tax to calculated commission
        Fixed bug: Affiliate commissions report wasn't sorted correctly.
        Changed payment history table: added information about purchased products
        Refresh auth session if user open login page (handle situation when 3rd party script
            clears auth session but aMember auth session is still valid)
        Fixed bug: Invoices were created with incorrect amount in mass subscribe.
        Implemented "donation" plugin
        Implemented "autocoupon" plugin
        Added new field to users export: expiration date of last payment
        Closes #981  Fixed bug: Email footer does not appear in auto-responder sent e-mails.
        Closes #975 - income report - payments and refunds has been merged incorrectly
        Fixed bug: AweberEmail plugin readme wasn't displayed.
        Added new setting to payonline system plugin: send user directly to cc info form.
        Fixed bug: User address was not passed to 2Checkout when user was redirected from signup page.
        Added ability to create own placeholders in email templates from plugins.
        Fixed bug: Wordpress Plugin:  Use full redirect urls(incl. domain name) in amember_redirect_url variable when user is redirected to login page.
        Fixed bug: Several bugs fixed in Manually Approve New Invoice:
            1. Require approval emails were sent when setting is disabled(but when manually approve users was enabled).
            2. User "Is approved" checkbox didn't work right
        New Advanced User Filter: Has subscription that expire between dates
        Added new Newsletter plugin: iContact Email Marketer
        Added new Newsletter plugin: Interspire Email Marketer
        Respect unsubcribed option for helpdesk notifications to user,
            correct templates for notifications, add additional placeholder to templates for helpdesk notifications
        Subusers module
            Implements #977 - search by subuser parent implemented
            Implements #946 - import subusers from CSV
            fixed: main user was able to add subusers to any product with configured count of subusers even if product was not purchased
        Wordpress integration
            Added SimplePress support to wordpress plugin.  Also code was formatted.
            closes #948  Wordpress plugin: Implemented BuddyPress groups support.
            closes #980  Wordpress plugin: Implemented notactive tag  in am4show  for easier change from amprotect tags
            Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin: warning in amember widget when user is not active.
            Fixed bug: Wordpress plugin: users were not removed from SimplePress when deleted from aMember.
            Wordpress plugin new setting: Redirect user's profile link to aMember.
        Integration plugins
            Add new Protect plugin: PhotoPost
            Add new Protect plugin: Serendipity
            Fixed bug: Problem with config variables when multiple wordpress plugins were enabled.
            Modified plugin Xeroapi, Netdebits, Dibs-payment-window, new plugin Moip
            Add new Protect plugin: gallery2
            Add new Protect plugin: dolphin
            Fixed bug: PAP plugin: Parrent Affiliate ID was not assigned properly.
            Wordpress plugin: Added [am4user var='expires'] shorcode. It displays user's expiration date.
        Payment plugins
            Authorize CIM hosted credit card popup implemented !
            Added plugins: two payment plugins dibs-payment-window and netdebit
            Added Certopay payment plugin
            Add new payment plugin: Network Merchants Inc
            Moneybookers and Verotel payment plugins - beta
            Fixed bug: PayFlow PRO payments were added twice if user had paypal plugin enabled
            Payment Systems Worldwide Plugin: recode on new API
            Added new plugin: eWAY AU
            PayPal plugin: added TXN_CART notifications handling (BuyNow buttons)
            Add new cc payment plugin: Payment Systems Worldwide
            Fixed bug: 1SC plugin has created duplicate invoices if both API and IPN notifications where enabled.

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