aMember Pro 4.2.11 released

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    Member Pro 4.2.11 released
    Release target: bugfixes and new features

    4.2.11 2012-10-02 14:33:00 +0400
        Bug fixed: aMember could send auto-responders to unsubscribed users
        Bug fixed: aMember could send expiration e-mails to unsubscribed users
        Thanks page wait time set to 10 seconds
        Italian translation has been updated.
        New Payment plugins: Netdebits, PayOnlineSystem, Paymate
        New Integration plugins: Trellis, Moodle 
        Render invoice for correct payment (it was rendered for first payment always early)
        Fixed bug: Disabled products were counted in Shopping Cart -> Category Select
    4.2.10 2012-09-25 17:32:00 +0400
        If baseUrl detection failed, aMember will fallback to configured Root Urls (in response to recent 404-NotFound issues)
        Implemented #876 - redirect from protected folder and http/https, now redirects right back to the folder
        Implements #816 - Am_CustomField callback validation (user should add field via API in site.php and set valid callback that return whether error message or empty on success)
        Backup has been improved to get 100% mysql compatible code and create structure for all tables
        Decreased font size on PDF invoice to save space on page
        Hebrew language support has been added
        Closes #949 - video embed code size is fixed
        Fixed bug: Disabled products were imported as active from aMember v3.
        Implements #927 - fully customizable signup forms, described in manual
        implements #799 - option to add existing members to new newsletter list
        Build Demo: Ability to chose email domain name 
        Closes #908 - option 'Send Notification to admin when profile is changed' does not work for additional data fields
        New Dashboard Widget: Last Payments
        Bug fixed: IE8 does not allow to use name length for vars
        closes #938  - IE8 Javascript error when generate password in aMember CP -> Edit User (IE8 doesn't allow to use variables with name "length")
        Implements #831 - add complete ISO 3166-1 data to ?_country table
        Added ability to send correct content-type for media files
        Closes #951 - workaround for "All 10 records on this page are selected. Select all XXX records matching your search." appears twice
        Closes #939 - Stray HMTL code being displayed on user delete confirmation
        Implements #928 - require agreement to agree to affiliate terms and conditions on click to "Advertise my site"
        Closes #917 - add filter by groups into user advanced search
        Closes #922 - "Group actions (ALL) works incorrectly" Browse Users -> Mass Subscribe
        Implements #890 - add second field for street address
        Implements #851 - ability to embed audio with flowplayer
        Flowplayer updated to 3.2.11
        Closes #906 - Am_CustomField cannot be nulled (checkboxes/multi_select)
        Implements #945 - Limit send forgotten password attempts
        Implements #850 - display labels instead of internal value for custom fields in user grid
        Implements #827 - Ability to include access periods to PDF invoice
        Fixed bug : import of coupons from version 3 didn't work with big count of records
        Implemented #926 : separate permission to create/edit user invoices in admin cp
        Allow adding user variables like %user.name_f% or %user.login% to pages defined at amember Cp -> Protect Content -> Pages
        Added redirect handler for old (version 3) affiliate urls and links
        Implements #940 - in Advanced Search with LIKE: surround query with % automatically
        Bug fixed: expiration emails has been send in incorrect time
        Bug Fixed: only immediate after invoice creation pending notification has been sent and all other ignored
        Crypt key signature calculation changed to be platform independent  (there was difference in crc32 results on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms)
        "Cancel recurring" via aMember Admin CP reworked to use AJAX
        Send PDF invoice to admin in case if option is enabled
        Closes #936 - affiliate commisition details, handle situation for removed invoice
        Closes #937 - fields on signup page used default value instead of actually submited
        Implements #931 - Implements #931 - do not grant access for user which is not approved until approved
        Fixed bug: mt_rand may generate duplicates on big databases and it causes a bunch of errors during import3
        Fixed bugs: 1. False redirects to noAccess page when user is logged in. 2. New-rewrite files were not deleted from /amember/data/new-rewrite folder after logout.
        Bug Fixed: email templates were always sent in english since we store full locale with region in lang property of user record but in templates uses only country code
        Correctly calculate coupon usage for 100% discount coupons
        Implements #921 - ReCaptcha respect current scheme
        Implemets #924 - AM_Lite should be able to check access based on product category
        Facebook: Disabled redirect to to logout!
        Added %expires% variable to expiration email template
        Fixed bug: Paypal refunds were incorrectly counted as payments in Income report
        Restored ability to send copy of admin notifications to different email addresses.
        Wordpress plugin: changed widget protection logic. Widget will be available only  if both "have" and "not have " requirements matches(if enabled of course).
        Fixed bug: User was not properly logout from Invision in some situations.
        aMember Upgrade - do not use fopen() and follows redirects manually, must work on most hosts
        Respect current scheme (http/https) for video display
        Allow admin access with report permission to his saved reports
        Respect domain name in redirect_url
        Changed text on thanks page after signup. Do not offer to login if user is logged in already.
        Do not count cancelled subscriptions in next rebill stat
        Fixed bug: affiliate signup form did not use selected template
            Enabled buffered queries to avoid error "Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active. Consider using PDOStatement::fetchAll()." happend with php 5.3.13 mysql 5.0.95
            Payment plugins api: generalized handling for "thanks" "cancel" and "cancel-admin" actions   instead of repeating code in each of payment plugins. Now it is enough to implement "cancelAction"   to get things working.
            thanks-redirect plugin: allows to redirect customer to configured url after purchase
            cancel-on-upgrade plugin implemented: cancel subscription if new purchased
            Mailchimp plugin: New setting Disable Double Opt-in
            Aweber: implements #798 - pass custom fields
            Subusers: Unable to set password for subusers manually. Password was always automatically generated for newly created subusers
                Display name was not updated on Rebuild.
                Disable protection in shortcodes for admin user
                Menu protection for posts didn't work.
                p-1 and g-1  parameters didn't work in shortcodes.
                closes #865: delete user in amember not deleting metadata in wordpress
            ModX plugin implemented
            Moodle plugin implemented
            Oscommerce plugin implemented
            Mediawiki plugin implemented
            MiniBB integration plugin implemented
            XCart integration plugin implemented
            vBulletin: Added new setting to vBulletin plugin: Default user title;
            Joomla: Fixed bug: Joomla plugin didn't update "block" flag in Joomla properly.
            eProcessing (AIM emulation mode) plugin ready for testing
            Multisafepay plugin ready for testing
            Evopay plugin ready for testing
            Moneris payment plugin ready for testing
            Google Checkout plugin is ready for testing
            DineroMail plugin is ready for testing
            Payflow plugin is ready for testing
            DWOLLA plugin is ready for testing
            Google-Checkout plugin is ready for testing
                Ability to define validation mode in config for customer profile in config 
                (So user can avoide 0.01 transaction if he want)
                Changed Authorize.Net plugin status to PRODUCTION
                Gateway no longer support this integration method.
            Altcharge: Bug Fixed: 500 error after completed payment in Altcharge plugin
            Beanstream: pass state as -- for countries other than USA and CA
            ClickBank: fixed redirect in clickbank plugin after cancel
            2CO: Added all supported currencies to 2CO plugin.
            DIBS: Added test mode to DIBS plugin
            DIBS: Fixed bug: Real amount for DIBS recurring sales were divided  by 100
            1Shoppingcart: clear 1sc shopping cart on redirect
            ccBill Plugin: datalink didn't send password, datalink requests must send SubAccount info
                           several errors in ccBill datalink script fixed. Recurring payments were not handled correctly.
            Fixed bug: Session issues with eFront plugin.
            Zombaio: Fixed bug: Declined rebills were counted as successfull by Zombaio plugin.
            PayPoint: Fixed bug: paypoint recurring IPN messages were not handled properly.
            Plimus: Fixed bug: Incorrect plimus redirect link.
            Fastspring: added aility to auto create invoices for fastspring plugin

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