aMember Pro 3.2.3 (new features) released

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    aMember Pro 3.2.3 (new features) released
    Release target: bugfixes, improvements, new plugins, templates changes

    Changes since 3.1.9 (including changes in beta versions)

    3.2.3 (Oct-13-2010)
    - New payment plugins: bluepay_r, mpay
    - New setting for Incemental Content plugin: Allow users to use links that was realeased while product was active after expiration of product
    - Several Modifications in language files.
    - Payment plugins fixes: twocheckout_r, paycom, paypal_pro,1shoppingcart, ogone, clickbank
    - Integration plugins fixes: incremental_content, invision3,oscommerce,subusers
    - Allow to create new users option for 1SC plugin (works for not recurring payments only)
    - Ability to add tabs in member's area from plugins or
    - Added separate signup email template for affiliates
    - Login as user functionality for aMember CP.

    3.2.2 (Sep-08-2010)
    - Integration Plugin fixes: phpBB3, subusers,
    - Payment plugins fixes: paypal_r, google_checkout,quickpay,mydosh,twocheckout_r
    - "Allow to add users from IPN messages" Clickbank and paypal plugins now use that new functionality

    3.2.1 (Aug-27-2010)
    - Payment plugins fixes: paypal_r
    - Integration plugins fixes: 4images
    - New hooks defined to manage design.
    - Helper functions for templates implemented.
    - Change affiliate UI fixes.

    3.2.0 (Aug-25-2010)
    - Fixed security issue
    - New payment plugins:
    fastspring, plimus, clear2pay, paynl, netbilling_form,
    pay900, dibs, securepayau, premier_ps, mydosh
    - New integration plugins: silverstripe, smf2, pap, sendpepper, mybb
    - jQuery updated to v1.4.2
    - Payment plugins fixes:
    gtbill, paypoint, clickbank, google_checkout, beanstream_remote,
    quickpay, segpay, authorize_cim, sagepayments, cc_core, paypal_r,
    paypal_pro, alertpay, moneris, zombaio,
    - Integration plugin fixes:
    vbulletin, joomla(added Jomsocial support), invision3, smf,
    mambo, drupal, wordpress, bbpress, 4images, discus, openrealty,
    pmd, isoft, subusers
    - Impemented suggestions from this thread, to make integration with wordpress theme more easy
    - Several fixes in templates and core aMember files.
    - Fixed issue with coupons not being applied to products with free trial
    - "Confirm email" function when email changed in profile
    - Several modifications related to taxes. Added tax calculation for payments that being added manually from amember CP. Added tax value to payment reports.
    - Implemented price groups for additional fields, now possible to include field depends on price_group on signup and profile pages.
    - Japanese language support added
    - New report for cancelled users
    - Added support of multiple PayPal accounts (per product)
    - Added ability to create an account after direct payment on PayPal (experimental)
    - Added small payouts report to affiliate area
    - Fixed several bugs in newsletters
    - Change affiliate and assign affiliate functionality added in aMember CP
    - Added "Affiliates" filter to amember CP -> Browse users
    - Referred users report for each affiliate in aMember CP
    - New plugin that allows to add additional subscription to user's account when user purchases a product
    - New config option : Number of days for payment report on admin index page

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