aMember Pro 3.1.9 (new features) released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Release target: bugfixes, improvements, new plugins

    Changes since 3.1.8
    • member.php (Membership Information Page) inteface improved with "tabs"
    • "Rebuild Db" now handling data in chunks, this improves work with big databases;
    • Fixed issues with PayPal plugin (new PayPal accounts);
    • Recurring billing implemented for PayPal Pro plugin;
    • Google Checkout plugin fixed and improved for recurring billing;
    • Single-login fixed in vBulletin4 plugin;
    • Added ability to export expired users;
    • PHPMailer library upgraded to 2.0.4;
    • Added ablility to e-mail more than one notification about not-completed payment;
    • Verotel plugin has been fixed;
    • More than 200 small fixes and improvements to the core source and plugins;

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