aMember Pro 3.1.3 (new features) released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Release target: New Features, small bugfixes

    Changes since 3.1.2
    - aMember will now display product terms instead of just price on signup.php and member.php. This can be disabled at
    "aMember CP -> Setup -> Advanced : Display only Product Price in terms" and generated terms can be customized in product settings
    - admin can now review rebilling logs and run manual rebill for cc_core-based plugins
    - Fixed setting of session.cookie_domain in, so there should
    now be single cookie for both and without
    additional configuration
    - Implemented Google Analytics integration (aMember CP -> Setup ->
    - cc_core_rebill may now be running hourly (if cron job is set
    accordingly), it will effectively help to don't lose any rebills
    - Added for testing Authorize.NET CIM payment plugin - it allows
    to process recurring payments without storing credit card info
    on your website. It is now BETA.
    - PayFlow Pro plugin has been rewritten
    - WorldPay plugin fixed;
    - New features added to IncrementalContent plugin;
    - IncrementalContent plugin: fixed subscription start date calculation;
    - SecPay fixed to do not clean up customer credit cards on
    processor failure;
    - Removed % from aMember CP links to get better mod_security
    - In Coupon, "Locked" flag will now prevent new signups, but
    existing recurring subscriptions will still get the discount.
    This way cc_core plugins works the same as for example PayPal
    - Added positibilty to import multi-select fields (separeted by ^ )
    - Invision2, pubBB, Joomla, Vanilla, Phorum plugins updated
    - Fixed trial period setting on signup (affected several payment plugins);
    - amember.sql now contains db version markers in format ## 312 ##
    it will speed-up run of upgrade_db a lot

    Upgrade Instructions

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