aMember Pro 3.1.1 (stable) released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Release target: New features, lots of improvements and fixes

    Changes since 3.0.9
    version 3.1.1 (Jul-01-2008)
    - Fixed bug with displaying checkboxes in forms
    - Fixed bug in e-mail validating regex
    - Improved speed of Admin -> Rebuild function
    - Perldesk plugin rewritten from scratch
    - iRater,WordPress,4Images,TextPattern,ZenCart,XOOPS plugins fixed
    - NetRegistry,ClickBank plugins fixed
    - Fixed bug with attachments in function "mail_customer"
    - Fixed bug in amember/resend.php file
    - {$} array is now assigned to member.html template
    - Magento plugin has been added
    - Fixed bug: Member's usage count was not checked for coupons
    Fixed bugs in Newsletters:
    - Subscription hasn't been added automatically from aMember CP after manual payment.
    - Threads hasn't been displayed at member.php page (temporary quick fix).
    - Countries and state management has been added to aMember CP -> Setup
    - Output correct source encoding to HTTP headers (according to selected language)
    - Added incremental_content as standart protect plugin
    - Fixed Bug: Empty pdf invoice in payment receipt message
    - Fixed Bug: Unable to assign newsletter thread to existing user.
    - Problem with coupons fixed (if not products selected in coupon configuration)

    version 3.1.0 (May-21-2008)
    - 2-level Affiliate Program implemented along with improved affiliate transactions viewing;
    - "Quick Search" (below the admin menu) has been improved and will now seek for payments
    as well as for members;
    - Javascript validation on signup page has been improved and powered on JQuery (must see!);
    - AJAX checking for unique username on signup page has been implemented;
    - aMember lifetime will be automatically fetched from aMember website when needed;
    - aMember now can fix/fetch lifetime license without uploading any files;
    - Taxes and discounts works now correctly with PayPal and WorldPay;
    - New Tax editor interface implemented
    - Improved performance of "Rebuild Db" function;
    - Improved updating customer records on subscription expiration and relation
    to plugins;
    - Improved admin user lookup - it will now search for payment too
    (by payment# and receipt#)
    - Import process is now splitted to 2 steps: upload file, then define format
    - Admin log recording and viewing implemented (all important actions are now logged
    in aMember CP)
    - CAPTCHA image verification for signup implemented (aMember CP->Setup->Advanced)
    - If directory amember/templates_c is exists and writeable, and there is
    .htaccess file inside, Smarty templates caching will be enabled automatically.
    This will increase performance of the script up to 200% in some situations;
    - It is now possible to cancel recurring billing from aMember CP (for cc_core plugins);
    - Db settings editing for integration plugin have been improved and simplified;
    - Additional checks added to ensure "Secure Root URL" is configured correctly in aMember;
    - Added (again) "Send Pending E-Mail to Admin" option;
    - Cron errors and problems will now be logged to database;
    - aMember now have full database of countries and states, and AJAX-powered interface
    implemented to select state on signup, profile, credit card info page and on admin side;

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