aMember Pro 3.0.8 released

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  1. alex

    alex Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 24, 2004
    Release target: bugfix release, new plugins

    Changes since 3.0.7
    - Changed newsletters archive output in member's area, only headers
    will be displayed. Template "amember/templates/member.html"
    - Added Signup Link Wizard (to aMember CP -> Manage Products)
    - Joomla plugin fixed to support JACL
    - French and Dutch translations added;
    - E-Mail verification URL is now short and will always fit to one line
    in e-mail client.
    - IE7 compatibility fix - added "action" tag to all forms
    - Automatic Proxy configuration implemented for PayPal Pro plugin when installed
    on GoDaddy webhosting;
    - 1ShoppingCart fixed to not display cancel link (because it is not supported)
    - "Vanco Services" payment plugin added;
    - Fixed Canadian provinces in $config['states'] (US -> CA)
    - Fixed Canadian provinces in PayPal (will use title instead of iso2 code)
    - "Manual Euro Bank" plugin added;
    - Fixed Customers Demography report (show additional fields)
    - Fixed Smarty {span} function (start value in [>>] link) -
    - PhpList integration plugin added;
    - OemPro plugin added;
    - Added "Copy Product" option;
    - Removed "Paymonde" payment plugin;
    - Added "safepaysolutions" to affiliate payout methods;
    - "Require" check didn't work for radio fields in profile page;
    - Fixed bug with email_verified reset to zero on admin user edit;
    - AlertPay plugin added;
    - Import form didn't repopulate all selections in case of error. Fixed
    - Fixed SMF plugin;
    - Added Clear expired guests (and expired guest subscriptions) daily hook;
    - Fixed bug with hook "fill_in_signup_form" call for additional fields;
    - aMember will not e-mail payment receipt if payment total is $0.0
    - Onetime_download plugin changed to support multiple download files
    per one product;
    - Generate Login/Password functions for affiliates fixed;
    - Removed CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION option because it does not work in
    safe_mode or when open_basedir enabled (in PayPal Pro plugin)
    - Fixed bug when affiliate cookie not being set for domains like
    - Free plugin will display no error if user refreshes "thanks" page
    - New PlugnPay payment plugin added;
    - Fixed bug with unsubscribe link for guest's newsletters
    - Safepay plugin fixed;
    - Drupal plugin fixed;
    - Fixed nasty bug in newsletter module (no messages was sent)
    - Pass address info to PayPal for non-recurring billing

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