aMember Pro 3.0.7 released

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  1. alex

    alex Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 24, 2004
    Release target: bugfix release, new features and plugins

    Changes since 3.0.6
    - 1ShoppingCart/MCSSL integration plugin added;
    - GB changed to UK in country options;
    - Newsletters module fixed;
    - "Send Pending Email" function fixed;
    - Affiliate stats bug fixed;
    - Plugnpay bug fixed (currency code was not sent), XX changed to '' in state options;
    - Fixed bug with zero autoresponders;
    - Send cancel notifications to user and admin when user cancels PayPal subscription like it happens for "credit card" plugins;
    - German translation added;
    - Coppermine plugin major changes (beta) - now implemented via bridge inside Coppermine
    - OsCommerce plugin fixed to work with v.2.2ms2-060817
    - AWeber, phpFusion integration plugins added
    - Important fixes to Verotel plugin
    - Enabled session checking by user-agent in aMember Admin CP

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