aMember Pro 3.0.6 (stable) released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Release target: a "gold" release, fixes most bugs and problems of 3.xx branch. If you are using aMember Pro 3.xx upgrade RECOMMENDED

    Changes since 3.0.5
    - a problem caused amember/setup.php to slowly open page 4 of setup
    was fixed;
    - aMember will automatically detect and use HTTP proxy for outgoing
    connections when running on GoDaddy;
    - Fixed "recurring cancel" emails for cc_core plugins;
    - Avoided warning on start_session in cron.php;
    - SMF plugin bug fixed;
    - Multiple order title was not passed to do_bill(..) - fixed;
    - fixed and now will work for new_rewrite as well;
    - E-Mail Users: do not word-wrap HTML e-mails;
    - Affiliate Program statistic display fixed;
    - Coppermine plugin fixed;
    - SegPay plugin: Fixed a critical bug (Non-approved transactions were marked
    as paid in aMember);
    - XCart plugin fixed: tested with X-Cart Gold 30-day trial (v4.1.3);
    - Added separate displaying of paid and free active users to aMember CP index page;
    - Joomla plugin fix: "Registered" access level in Joomla were able to see
    and access menu items that were set to "Special" access level in Joomla;
    - PayPal Pro upgraded to latest version PP PHP SDK, and is now able to
    use SSL Signatures, instead of SSL certificate files;
    - PayPro Pro plugin to correctly handle customers from GB;
    - Fixed issue with product description not being passed to Auth.Net
    - Mambo plugin fixed;
    - PayPal_r plugin: Added IPN validation via get_url (curl) if possible
    - PayPal_r plugin: Added option to reset user email to PayPal payer e-mail
    - Nederlands translation added

    Upgrade Instructions

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