aMember Pro 3.0.5 (bugfix) released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Changes since 3.0.4
    - added option aMember CP -> Setup -> Advanced : Hide customer passwords
    (disabled by default)
    - Fixed Joomla single-login issue, it will now set a correct group in the
    - BUG: bug with saving wrong passwords fixed;
    - Visual HTML E-Mail editor removed (caused too many troubles);
    - at aMember Cp->Affiliate Banners, removed live url checking;
    - backup.php will now try to extend memory limit if set. if impossible,
    it will disable compression to avoid "not enough memory" problems;
    - a bug fixed in the new vBulletin3 plugin - incorrect work if vBulletin has
    table prefix set;
    - Joomla plugin was completely rewritten to work with all security levels.
    It now includes a mambot to do necessary redirects from Joomla side;
    - Added mail_receipt_contact.pdf.txt template for PDF receipt;
    - aMember will now automatically use cURL proxy on GoDaddy web host;
    - a bug fixed in MaxMind fraud checking module (at cc_core):
    - phpBB plugin fixed (using $this in incorrect context)
    - Serendipity plugin bugfixes;
    - FusionBB plugin bugfixes and improvements;

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