aMember Pro 3.0.4 (stable) released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    Release target: a security fix, bugfixes and new features

    Changes since 3.0.3
    - Fixed a serious XSS problem in "Access Log", "Error Log", you may
    find details of the issue here:
    - added options to (a) don't lowercase logins, (b) disallows spaces in login;
    - several fixes to PDF invoices;
    - FusionBB and Serendipity integration plugins added;
    - ChronoPay plugin bug fixed;
    - Verotel plugin bug fixed;
    - GoogleCheckout payment plugin release candidate;
    - User passwords are now invisible in aMember CP;
    - fixed PasswordCall plugin for compatibilty with aMember3;
    - ability added to export only expired users (aMember CP -> Export)
    - new version of vBulletin3 plugin released - better single-login, automatic
    redirects to aMember from vB3, export users from vB3;
    - Spanish translation added
    - added 60 min. duration for the admin session, after that admin must re-login
    - added browser detection to admin sessions
    - session_start() removed from all fields and moved to ;
    - Fixed unset error in email_templates;
    - BeanStream plugin fixed (total/subtotal displaying on thanks page)

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