aMember Pro 3.0.2 (beta) released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    RELEASE TARGET: bugfix release, paypal_r plugin rewritten

    CHANGES SINCE 3.0.1:
    - improved tax handling for "paypal_r" plugin (non-recurring transactions);
    aMember will hovewer always pass "tax" = 0.00 for recurring transactions;
    - thanks.php will now be delayed up to 15 seconds (if necessary) to wait
    for PayPal background postback;
    - Coupons will now give discount only for first payment while used with PayPal recurring;
    - Coupons now cannot be used with Paypal trial periods;
    - Paypal_r plugin CHANGED: there will be now a separate line for
    each recurring payment - for better stats;
    - HTML editor (in e-mail templates) will now use absolute URLs
    instead of relative;
    - added locale support for dates formatting;
    - added Swedish translation;
    - tax report added;

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