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    Sep 21, 2006
    We needed an application that would support our Alumni Club site's membership list, varying types of membership options and give us a secure and flexible on-line sign up option for our our membership base. In addition,we were looking for a way to offload more of the member profile information "maintenance" to the club members themselves and eliminate the work in keeping up lists in seperate and isolated databases. Finally, we wanted a centralized, secure way for our Club adminstration to easily access payment information, membership status and leverage the information in the database to better communicate with our members.

    Amember almost out of the box allowed us to easily and flexibly do this. I was amazed how applicable this software could be adapted for our purposes. Also, compared to other packages as well as looking at trying to do this ourselves, there was no question how superior this software was. For a relative novice like me, it made the process of managing the membership base so easy. The capability to send targeted emails, provide personalized emails and thank-you notes upon sign up completion really help us in reaching out to our membership base. Also the ease of intstallation, the relative ease to update the templates and make modifications was also key in our selecting this application. Finally, the cost was so reasonable, it made it easy for our non-profit Club to allocate the funds for purchasing this software.

    Also, support has been very good. Our questions were answered in a timely manner and when we needed some custom modification, they did a good job in setting our expectations and providing the software in a reasonable timeframe and at a reasonable price.

    Way to go amember.

    NDClub of Dallas

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