aMember - EPOCH POSTBACK Script (Help Request)

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    May 21, 2013

    We are an adult movie production company and we just built our website in order to sell our movies through it (the visitor who wants to watch online on our website, a specific movie has to pay a small amount so he can have a window of 4 hours to watch it). We decided to use EPOCH as our payment gateway with aMember.

    Everything is going ok with the setup but from epoch they asked me the following:

    "If you possess the technical knowledge to create a postback script
    that will insert the login to the correct movie, you can probably use
    the aMember content and access management. This would be best, because
    you would be able to use our CamCharge feature, so customer can do

    easy reloads without having to fill out the entire join form again."
    "You need to
    determine the parameters needed by aMember to
    add a login to the correct subscription type. Then have the postback
    script take the necessary parameters and
    insert it into the correct table. Per FlexPost, you can send pass thru
    x_variables that are not stored in Epoch's databases
    but passed back to your postback script, if there are any parameters
    aMember needs that is not provided by
    the normal transaction data processed."

    They have great support but they can not guide/help me on that (company rules).
    Anyone experienced on that so i can have any help?

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