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    The ACMP ( is the national organisation representing professional photographers in Australia, and we have now been using AMember for some time through several versions, integrating it with InVision Board and Listmail, and also having Alex(ander) customize it to link up with our public "Find a Photographer" search facility.

    Throughout the initial implementation process and subsequent modifications, the one constant has been Alex's first-class support and prompt response when we really needed it - some emergencies being, I'm ashamed to say, thanks to our own errors!

    I know Alex has a small team, and it's a constant source of amazement to me how he maintains his support level. Frankly, I think he should increase his prices and hire some more people or one day he'll keel over from exhaustion...
    I was particularly impressed with his swift response to the recent Microsoft security upgrade which rendered the secure password plug-in inoperative. We were using this and Alex's crisis management was both timely and helpful, astonishingly so for a small operation (as a web developer I wish some of our other suppliers were as responsive).

    I'm not saying AMember is perfect (after all, Alex keeps upgrading it), but if you know of any better membership software out there with better support, I'd sure like to buy some shares in the company!

    All the best from Downunder,

    Tony Page,

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