Amamber 1shoppingcart Paypal Joomla Integration & registration flow

Discussion in 'Customization & add-ons' started by propertyprofessor, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. propertyprofessor

    propertyprofessor New Member

    Dec 19, 2007
    It's been a while we are looking into this and we haven't come up with an elegant solution.

    I bought all the necessary components (Amember pro with Joomla pluggin, 1 shoppingcart add-on).

    Spottedhaggis configured the following for us:

    Amember registration page [1st form]--> 1 shoppingcart order page [2nd and 3rd form]--> Paypal payment processing [4th form, pre-populated]--> 1 shoppingcart postback to Amember --> Access to Joomla.

    The problem with this flow is that the user have 3 to 4 forms to fill and they could abondonned any time after the 2nd/3rd form in 1shoppincart.

    After many discussion with spottedhaggis we believe that there might not be any other flow:rolleyes:

    But I believe that we haven't tried hard enough so I am actually thinking of the following flow:
    1 shoppingcart order page [1st and 2nd form]--> Paypal payment processing [4th form, pre-populated]--> 1 shoppingcart postback to Amember --> Access to Joomla.

    The later flow is only possible with 2 conditions:
    1) A unique username and password to be generated in 1shoppingcart each time a product is bought
    2) Tha later username+password is compatible with Amember registration
    3) 1shoppingcart postback should trigger an automatic sign-up in Amember.

    Any ideas?
  2. alexander

    alexander Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 8, 2003
    Hi, this is possible with customization but don't recommended. Did you tryed to use paypal_r plugin in amember? This will skip [2nd and 3rd forms]
  3. spottedhaggis

    spottedhaggis New Member

    Nov 10, 2007

    I work with propertyprofessor. The reason we are using 1shoppingcart is mainly due to its better affiliate system. I realise that if we removed 1shoppingcart from the equation, and went to paypal, this would speed up the process, requiring only their amember info and paypal payment information, however this would in turn require a suitably enhanced seperate affiliate system.

    I believe Idevaffiliate, which is the currently better option is not compatible with your system fully.
    I believe we need to look at two possibilities.

    1. Client registers their info into amember, upon clicking link to confirm the info in their email, they are taken to 1shoppingcart which is pre-populated with relevant information from the amember system, this would speed up the process.


    2. Client registers the details on amember, and upon clicking submit, they are taken to the shopping cart system automatically, and it is also pre-populated with the relevant amember details.

    The 1st method will require store of a cookie or something similar to hold the information and of course 1shoppingcart will need to know about the cookie and locate its content to allow the pre-population to function, not a likely scenario I think.

    Option 2 requires the same, but only perhaps in a cached format.

    Currently we have the following forms require filling

    1. Amember - basic user data
    2. Shoppingcart - full details (including what was placed as name and email in amember
    3. Paypal - auto populated by 1shoppingcart

    Thanks in advance.

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