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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by lbenson, May 25, 2007.

  1. lbenson

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    May 25, 2007
    Hi guys,

    I'm VERY interested in buying aMemberPro, I just have a few questions before I do so. I'd really love to get this moving before the weekend, so a swift response would not go unrewarded :) Many thanks.

    Here goes...

    For the past few days, I've been working on a neat little aJax order form (you can see the "wire"/barebones version at http://brainev.com/dev/neworder/ - hit the submit to play around with it), for a physical product I'm selling online.

    The product is a set of CDs. In addition, there's a digital counterpart too - a forum, downloadable versions of the tracks, etc.

    Now... I went ahead and built this forum because of two reasons.

    1. I want to include the order form on my sales page, and NOT as a link to a separate page (I've found this greatly increases response rates!)

    2. I have an Authorize.net account, and I'm signed-up for eCheck and Automated Recurring Rebilling (ARB) too. Since I will be offering a 21 day, $1 trial to my product followed by three instalments of $99, I thought this was necessary.

    Anyway... it turns out I put too much faith in Authorize.net's ARB system!

    I've just found out it's NOT automated at all. It doesn't offer any way to integrate with a membership site (or any kind of site) other than sending those manual confirmation emails... and I really don't want to be parsing those ugly things in PHP, and relying on that to automate the site!

    So that's where aMember comes in.

    So... my questions.

    1. Does aMember support Authorize.net's eCheck yet? I saw in another thread that you were doing some testing, but I'd like to run with that ASAP - echecks account for a large part of my sales. If it's not ready yet, do you have an ETA?

    2. I want to keep my cool little aJax order form - does aMember have an API I can use to create a user account *internally* after a successful charge on my own order form? I would want to pass on card/echeck details to aMember to set up the subscription rebill... if you don't have a formal API, do you envisage any problem with me using something like cURL to pass data via HTTP GET/POST to simulate setting it up internally?

    3. My product is PHYSICAL, as well as digital. Therefore, I need to maintain a database of customer addresses. Does aMember support those fields? (This isn't so much an issue 'cause I can implement a separate table if necessary, but it would be handy)

    4. PayPal - the one potential thorn in the plan. I'd like for it to work like this. You see the "tabs" on my order page? I'd like to set up a PayPal table, with a button on it. When clicked, the user is created (internally, via API/cURL from my aJax order form) and passed on to aMember... which then passes the user onto the PayPal order form, and continues with the IPN transaction as normal... do you foresee any issues with doing this? Presumably aMember pages just work like that anyway - a user is set-up, and then fwd'd on to PayPal?

    5. One last thing. I LOVE the fact that customer payment data is stored encrypted in the DB. What I'd like to do is give the users an option of paying upfront after they've joined the trial, to save some money. So what I'd like to do is cancel the subscription and bill their card on file, with one click.

    I don't expect aMember to have a function to do this... my question is, is it easy to turn the encrypted data into decrypted form, to then process outside of aMember and simulate canceling the subscription??

    Thanks for your answers to my tedious questions.

    I'd like to work on this over the weekend and will purchase immediately if I can get some answers to the above.

  2. alex

    alex Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 24, 2004
    1. No, unfortunately, there is not ETA for echecks.
    2. Yes, there is API. If you wish, contact us via helpdesk, and I will e-mail you unencrypted versions of files so you see potential amount of work.
    3. Sure.
    4. Why not? It is possible.
    5. Yes, it is easy to do as well.

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